HELP!!! Can't land "Rewind"!!


Hello everyone I need tips on how to increase the string gap in the double or nothing and his brother and the triple on nothing in “Rewind.” I’m throwing a YYF Shutter.

Anything will help. I’ve been stuck for three days.


practice, I know this sounds trivial, but it comes with time.


After each throw hand side landing you need to move all the string segments up your fingers toward the knuckles to make room. This shifting of string happens while the yoyo is on it’s way to the next non throw hand landing. That’s how I do it anyway. It’s a little easier with a narrow yoyo, but if you can get those strings moving up your fingers it’s not hard with any size throw.


I can barely do Triple or Nothing with full-sized yoyos because I have little girl hands. It’s physically impossible for me to do a lot of tricks, like Black Hops. If you have small hands it will make these tricks much harder, but you should be able to do Double or Nothing regardless.

P.S. I’m not a little girl.


The Shutter is kind of a wide yoyo. I would imagine that something like a G5 will be easier to land on individual strings for this trick specifically, do you have a yoyo that isn’t as wide as a yoyo. I know this trick is possible on a responsive yoyo too.


If you can get the string segments down to the base of your fingers AND your fingers are longer than 1/2 the width of the yoyo, then the trick is possible. Obviously, longer fingers and thinner yoyos make it easier, but it’s generally POSSIBLE for anyone with any yoyo…

The shutter IS fairly wide and it gave me trouble also when learning this trick. I ended up landing it the first time with a thinner yoyo, but then I was quickly able to land it with the shutter and then the even wider cascade shortly after. It all came down to managing the placement of the string segments; once I learned how to position them, this trick became a breeze on any yoyo.


Something that really helped me, and will be a benefit as you learn more complex tricks, is watching the placement of the strings on your fingers as you bounc back and forth. That first time around the two index fingers, put the string as far back to the knuckle as possible. The second time around, going into the double or nothing, you can land it more forward so that you have space. When you go into the brother from there, the string moves to the middle finger, so you can actually adjust it back when looping around for the triple or nothing. the other option is to keep the first string hits close to the back knuckle, the second string hits at or just behind the middle knuckle, and then use the front knuckles for the triple or nothing. This is great practice for precision and later tricks like Black Hops, though more difficult up front. Andre makes a great suggestion in some of the tutorials to keep the yoyo close to he non-throw-hand when landing double or triple, and this helps because it will be the widest amount of space between strings. Control over the string like this does come over time, but this should help from a technical standpoint.


I don’t know if you’re addressing the OP or me, but for me tricks like Black Hops are impossible with the yoyo I am using (and I can only do triple or nothing by bunching the first two wraps close together). My index finger is 2.8 inches long. My Ares Star is 1.74 inches wide. So I need 1.74 inches or more between strings to jump the yoyo. Assuming I can place one at the base of my index and another at the very tip, even putting the other string perfectly between them leaves max 1.4 inches of gap between strings, and that’s assuming the strings are infinitely thin. Even thinner yoyos used today are still too wide. A 39mm width is 1.54 inches. With my finger length I need a yoyo with a width less than 1.4 inches = 35.56 mm.

To be good at those intricate string tricks you need long, needly fingers. Just look at Janos for instance…


I’m pretty sure we were talking about landing REWIND… In which case you are always landing on the outermost string segment, and that segment must be 1/2 yoyo width from the adjacent string. In your case 0.87 inches, which would easily be within your range.


Black Hops is also on the front string. With enough practice, I bet you’ll find a way to squeak it in. :wink:


Oh good point, I was using the full width of the yoyo instead of half the width in my calculations. Then it might be possible, but I haven’t been able to do black hops yet. I can do the double or nothing version but not from triple or nothing. Thanks


Thanks everyone for all the help. But now I have been practicing different methods of getting the string to the base of my fingers and can’t seem to find one that is effective enough of fast enough to use mid-trick.

Any suggestions?


It’s not so much moving the strings once they’re on your fingers, but placing the string on your finger where you need it to be as you build the string layers. Maybe I can describe my process… I hope I can make it understandable.

Throw the trapeze normally then pop the yoyo up and get it on its way to the brother. Catch brother however you want.

Dismount brother and get the yoyo on the long around trip to double or nothing. On the way around, intercept the string with the base of your pointer fingers as far from the tips as you can. The string on your nth middle finger will come off of the middle finger and move to the pointer; this is the time to make sure it lands at the base. Land the DoN near the tip of nth pointer.

Dismount DoN and get the yoyo on the way to “double brother” or whatever you call it. The string on your TH pointer should already be at the base from the last step. Land double brother near the tip of finger.

Dismount double brother and, like before, swing the yoyo around to ToN intercepting the string with the base of pointer fingers again. The new wrap of string will be directly on top of the wrap you made on the way to DoN. Land ToN near the tip of nth pointer.

Done. Dismount is some cool way and get mad props from friends.

That was kind of hard to explain. I hope it’s good enough. I’m saving for a GoPro so I can do videos, but I’m not there yet…


Finally Landed it !!! Thanks everyone!