The thinks is that’s i’m kept getting stuck at the point where you do the Double or Nothing , swing the yoyo the oppisite side like a Double Brother and then swing it back into Triple or Nothing .

Each time i do it the string just kept landing one after another but not seprately . I kept trying and trying and did landed but only 3 times out of 20 so i need help desprately


Alright here’s what i do is it put the strings close together and spread out the one you want to land on then I do the same for the triple or nothing hope that helps


That’s exactly what i’m trying to do but so far no go :’(

Each time i do that i forgot to concentrated on the strings and it can’t land proberly , if i focus on landing the string proberly i can’t focus on putting the string close together :((


Try acquiring the string closer to the base of your fingers towards the beginning of the trick. You will only have to think about it in this instance and you can collect the rest of the string as you normally would. This should provide sufficient spacing with minimal mind-overload.


Thanks for the feedback ravi , i will definetely try that . Is still a bit difficult for me to do it


I have just finished learning this trick. Weird that it took me much less time than the matrix which im still practicing to play it smooth with shift off the plane.

What you need to focus on is to seperate the string with your two thumbs. re watch the video and pay close attention where andrea instruct you to put the string on your thumb. this is the most important part. when i do the last move before triple of nothing i also use my thumb to pull back the string that the yoyo will not land on.

I hope this helps…