White Buddha

I need help with the first part of White Buddha. Whenever I try to pop the yoyo out of the triangle I usually hit the the strings on the sides. If I manage to pop the yoyo out, then I can’t bring it back in on the correct string. Can some help me please?

When I was first learning that trick I would pop the yoyo forward and try to get it out of the triangle. But actually you just want your non-throwhand pointer finger to push into the strings and then use your thumb and pointer finger of your throwhand to keep the triangle just straight forward and then pop the yoyo up and over that triangle. This trick is really fun and cool looking, I also find the popping out of the triangle the hardest part too. This trick takes time and patience, but is also really fun to learn. :slight_smile:

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somtimes when you try to open the triangle it will open and the point of the triangle will be at your finger not down where the yoyo is. this makes it really hard to get the yoyo out of triangle. but if you open the triangle so that there is a space between the two strings where it goes over your non throw hand it should make it easier to pop it out

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Okay thank you to both of you, but could someone clear up how to pop the yoyo back in the triangle on the correct string?

Yes, you see your middle finger is the finger with the string connected to it. So move your middle finger in the middle of the triangle and the string should be in the middle since you moved your middle finger to the center of the triangle. Now just try to land it on that middle string. That’s really all there is to it. Just practice and patience. Again, White Buddha is a trick with lots of steps and some times hard to understand. But you’ll get it, just keep practicing. :wink: :smiley:

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Hey, thanks. I can do it now. :wink:

Your welcome. Just ask me if your stuck on another trick, and I’ll be glad to help. Only if I know that trick. If not, I’ll try my best. :wink: