Who Invented the Trick?

I’m curious how many tricks can be tied to a specific individual, as the person who introduced the trick to the masses, named it, and gets credit for coming up with it. If you know any tricks and the person who came up with them, or you think you do…post here. I’m interested in tricks tied to an individual that are fact, and not disputed. Thanks.


Houdini Mount
Harry Houdini

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From a similar thread I made on YYN a couple years ago:


Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ladder Escape, Andre Boulay.

Plan D, Andre Boulay.

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Houdini Mount was a trick long before there was ever a yo-yoer going as Houdini.

I heard somewhere that Steve Brown invented the suicide.

Is this true?

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Thanks Vegabomb…that’s a bunch! :wink: Let’s add to it, if we can. I only been in the game since December. Great minds think alike :D. Lots of new tricks since then too.

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Paul Escolar can be credited with a ton of standard tricks we use today! The most common ones being White buddah, and Green Triangle!

I belive andre invented thumb grinding .

Do variations of tricks count?
John Ando came up with circular eli hops.
Alan Batangan started 2A arm wraps
Jason Lee came up with Jason Lee Sling
Paul Escolar made Red Clover
I was told by a former world champion that Koichiro Ueta came up with 2A tangler
Paul Han is the pioneer of snapping string since 1999 [lololjk]

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I think Yuuki slack was made by Yuuki Spencer. ;D

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Brent Stole - Brent Stole (just made that up, but could be true?)

nope… but he did invent 5A.

Paul is credited with the Suicide. As well as the Magic Drop.
As well as: Gr33n 5murf, White Buddha (1 & 2), Red Clover, Orange Tulips, Yellow Airplanes, Green Triangles…

Spencer Berry is credited with: Breath, Breeze, Inhale, Ragnarok, Rancid Milk, The Laceration, Wonder Woman, Cataclysm, Havoc, Shepherd…

Jason Lee is the founder of: Chopsticks tricks (sorta kinda w/ Steve Brown’s pioneering of thumb mounts, and Kota Watanabe’s thumb mount trick…), Slack Trapeze, Superman, Wiggly Thing, And Whut, ADD…


Alex Berenguel created Brent Stole.

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Anyone planning to reference Dennis McBride?

I mean, there’s obviously his rollercoaster.


Drop In The Bucket is Thad Winzenz

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McBride’s coaster was Dennis McBride.
Mark McBride came up with Velvet Rolls.
Buddha’s Revenge was by Mick Lunzer.
Nanda Kanda I think was Hidemasa Semba.


There’s a story behind this.


“BRENT STOLE that trick!”

“The trick Brent Dillinger stole from Alex Berenguel” to be more specific


For clarity…

Great thread btw Totalartist. :slight_smile: