names of tricks you made up

post the names of the tricks you made up!
some of mine are…

Cutting the grass with style
the hero of time
the cow says moo
humming bird
attack the cucoos!
scream machine
torture chamber
pie flavored pie

Could never think of good names…

Is that a yo-yo?
The newspaper just arrived
Who’s home?
SAy what now?

PopsTickle Sticks ( a chopsicks combo that involves alot of poping back and forth)

Construction Suicide, and Hammer Time.

Lost canyon
The real typhoon
Roof tassles
Double backflip

That one trick.
That other trick.
This trick I came up with.
This one, too.

my first named tricks

and the very first was “tour de France”

Subterranean Vortex.

Made up another trick today, named it Hand Churned Salad

Mutatis Mutandis
St. Disgustis
Gallows tree
funky distraction

A.J. (after my friend who came up with the odd mount for it) JingleJangle, Leaning tower!

Made up a new yesterday, I call it: Two Way Tower

I made up a trick called “Don’t Do It”

Involves a suicide. That’s how it got it’s name

LOL. we all need to post videos of these tricks

Not counting the ones I just give descriptive names using existing standard terms (e.g. arm grind freegen):

all the tap water you can drink
back to the beach
ballistech 35
benedict arnold
buddha’s barbecue
charlie and the bucket factory
chasm crossing
cheap yakisoba
cranky pants
critical acclaim
deep sea diving
double mcguffin, the
eccentrica gallumbits
epoxy whip
feelin’ randy
fighter fly
ganon’s tower
generitech 31, 45, 52, & 87
go fly a kite
houdini lives
kirby complex, the
kirby complex II, the
mighty mousse
mon mothma
mortal pongbat
not another picture trick
paint the fence
parkour, le
patent speak
pit and the pendulum, the
push the button, max
rapunzel’s lament
red guard
rock candy
silicone whip
simon says
too many ninjas
total perspective vortex
video game physics
walk the gauntlet
welch, gotta go
winzig kleine Heldinnen


Through the gap.
Orange triangle.

Do you really want me to do that? Because it would probably make one full page to be honest.

I was just thinking the otherday how many tricks I’ve made over the years, its insane.


Out of curiosity, where did you get this name from? Killer list by the way.

Yes. Yes I do really want you to do that :wink:

…And where’s Pat Condon when you need him?

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I rarely name any tricks I made.
I’m really bad in naming things honestly.

last two I was named was ‘break up’ and ‘reunite’, and that was last year.

I made one called the Green Card! (always with the exclamation point) in homage to the BasedGod. Also, I made one called Nolan Hops after the guy who introduced me to unresponsive play.