have you made up a trick? what did you name it!


Hey guys, I was thinking, if I ever make up a trick… What the heck am I going to name it!?! So if you’ve made up a trick, post the name here! You can even post a video of the trick if you want! How did you think of the name too?


Well, I know a great deal of people on this forum (myself included) are constantly making original tricks. I sometimes name my tricks, but a lot of people never give then names. When it comes to naming tricks, it doesn’t have to have anything to do with the trick itself, I usually just think of something completely random, like something to do with the last book I read or whatnot. Unless you film your tricks like 365, trick names don’t really matter.


I have created a couple tricks before and their names really have nothin to do with how the trick is performed

Like I would just take a dictionary, close your eyes, turn to a random page, and pick a random word or something

You can name your tricks whatever you desire


Tricks I made up:
Homestuck(1a) though I’m not a fan of the homestuck series but it was a good name for a trick.
Suicidal wish(5a)


more of a small trick but it was a little thing out of mach whip i think it’s called that not sure. but called it whippersnapper.


drunken yoyo-fu

more of a style then a trick


I’ve made several tricks. Usually I name them something random, which actually helps me remember them better. Examples are Synthetic, Pride and Joy, Mecha Gangam Style, Awkward Elbows, and Locusts.


I made a repeater based off of cold fusion, I can’t think of a name though.


I named 2 tricks, circuit breaker and brother bounce :smiley:


-I Went To The Circus and All I Got Was a Broken Leg
-Foreign Land
-swear You
-Attempted Suicide
-Gallivanting Frog
-Flourishes (more of an element than a trick)


Lemme think…

-Bamph (phonetic version of BAMF)
-Eat My Pantaloons
-Regis Philbin
Some others I can’t seem to remember the name of right now

(kclejeune) #12

I made one. It was called the vortex because that was the yoyo I created it on.


I went to the circus and all I got was a broken leg? Hahah what?

(Alex Fairhurst) #14

my trick names consist of a short description of the first element or two. to help me remember them.

“houdini slack”
“chopsticks slack to rejection”
“lotsa tech with tunnels”




Way back when I named two tricks: Money Tree and Scented Candles. Sadly, I have no idea how those tricks went anymore. Well, I’m sure they weren’t that good anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to start naming my tricks again…


Have you made the trick “famous” or is that you?


Both 8)

(Zammy Ickler ) #19

Should I really type out my trick names…?

Beyond too many.

Ballista is probably my favorite.


I’ve made up Bouncing Rabbit, Rattlesnake, Hurricane (all of which were posted here at some time) as well as a lot that I haven’t named.