naming a trick?

I’m just wondering… how do you come up with a name to fit a trick?
I’m trying to work out two tricks to enter for the rething yoyo tutorial contest, but I can’t come up with a name for one of them.

edit: just to be clear, I’m not looking for a name for my trick, moreso just how people come up with names.

I have no method whatsoever. Just think of something about the trick… maybe something could relate to that… whatever.

If you already have something in mind when you make up a trick it’s easier.

Ahem, it is a very complicated and mathmatical process, but with much practice, can be easily mastered with a little practice.
First off, you roll a 6D. Write this number down on a peice of paper and label Num 1. Then pick up a dictionary, hold it perpindicular to the table, and drop it so it falls open to random page. Then roll a another 20D, and subtract the number by 3 if the number is greater than ten. Then find a ruler to measrue that many inches from the top of the page of your choice. Take the word closest to destined point, and write it down. Then find the number equivalent of the first letter of the word. (a=1, b=2, c=3 ect ect.) Square that number, and subtract (the square root x2) from that number until you acheive a number lower than twenty six. Find the section for the letter equivlent of that number and flip to a random page. Flip a coin onto the page a find the word closest to the top of the quater. That your first word. Then repeat this process Num. 1 times. Put the words togethor and you have your name!

it’s as simple as that…

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That is stinkin Genius!!

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is awesome!!! I need to try that tonight :smiley:

I either look around the room im in and pick randomly.
Or i get names from shows or movies.

Only a dweeb would name their trick these days.
(Gilda mode off)
But naming a trick is the last thing you should be worrying about honestly.
I have tons of tricks and I pretty much never name any of them, and even when I do its just for laughs usually.


i forget all the names for my tricks… hehe :smiley:

Random word generators are fun to. I just got “Femur Turncoat” haha.

Usually I have a name in mind before I make up the trick. I am used to naming things though…from songs, to tricks, to drawings.

I name my tricks through sheer ridiculousness. Don’t even start asking

Blah blah, knotted breakaway, blah blah you know, right eyebrow, yada yada.

Haha wrong thread dude.

Honestly, I do name most of my tricks, mostly because it helps me remember them. Maybe thats just me though.

I dont now how i even did that ???

I base my tricks off my friends so I name my tricks after something related to them.

Whatever the trick reminds me of. Or just plain being ridiculous, the simpler the trick, the more ridiculous of a name it warrants.

i need a 20d can this be modified to work with a 32d or a 4d?

In all seriousness i normally name my tricks in the most vague way possible like: “that one chopsticks trick” or “the really stupid trick”

@m^2 lol I would have done this, but I couldn’t find any of my giant dictionaries. The internet kinda got rid of the need for them.

and I would have just not named it normally, but since I was submitting it for the tutorial contest, I think I needed a name.

This is in all seriousness but I have been asked this question a lot as well for the many tricks I have developed over the years. I get so much influence from video game series, anime/manga series and some of the best movies out there. But of course I do draw influence from other things like psychology, sociology, norse mythology, religious mythlogy…things like that.

I go through a specified way of naming my tricks via researching the many terms from a series/subject that catches my eye. I then write down the terms in a “trick book”. I now have about a good 20 pages of trick names I could use at my disposal.

Jayyo, there is nothing wrong with nameing tricks, especially if it helps out to identify what you have created as well as for documenting/remembering certain aspects.