names of tricks you made up

I always see people saying my favorite trick is the the trick i made up but i want to know what the tricks are called

i dont name mine

I dont name mine unless it looks like something or does something that looks like something else O_o.

dog chasing the mail man,
all or nothing,
peanuts made with seasalt gt,
the colors are melting my face,
4 string to cross arm double gt

I name mine…

The YoToy.

Flow Like Castor Oil, 99 Problems, ummm and Shopping Cart.


wrist rejection…

The chainsaw repeater.

My friend challenged me to come up with a trick called the chainsaw, so that is how that came about.

I dont name them unless its realy unique.
i got one called heardbreak.

Broome of Doome, Flipside Tsunami, BOD (Broome of Doome Combo), Black Santa Down the Chimney GT, Tornado GT, Rabbit Hole GT, and my latest one, Kiwi Buddha :slight_smile:

i usually come up with a name, then change the name, then change it again, and again.

I don’t usually name them, but if I do i’ll make an incredibly unnecessary acronym for it.


Pretty lame chopstick mount into suicide green triangle thing.

equilateral (bunch of GTs and other triangles). Gunshot (the string disapears with a gunshot motion…

walrus impersonater, suicide from the black lagoon, french puppet master.
i like naming tricks! ;D

Y2K and Eddy

the wildcat, the other gt whip, broken tower… thats all

Here are some:

Push the Button, Max
Houdini Lives
Walk the Gauntlet
Mortal Pongbat
Welch, Gotta Go
Mighty Mousse
Mon Mothma
Chasm Crossing
Epoxy Whip
Fighter Fly
Ganon’s Tower
Rock Candy
Inigo Montoya
Benedict Arnold
The Double McGuffin
The Kirby Complex (I and II)
Cheap Yakisoba
Rapunzel’s Lament
Eccentrica Gallumbits
Critical Acclaim
Martini Heart
Paint the Fence
Back to the Beach
Le Parkour
Red Guard
Bermuda Triangle
Charlie and the Bucket Factory
Recursive Baby

Most of the rest of the names I use are more directly descriptive.

I dont realy name mine unless its good enough.

@elephark I’ve always dug the heck out of your trick names :wink:

Everyone knows I name my tricks after games, anime, religion, philosophy, sociology, and made-up words. Just check my videos because there is too many on here.

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