How Do You Guys Name Your Tricks?

I was just wondering how the yo-yo community names their tricks. I know that for me, I start with one thing that the trick reminds me of, then I think of something that reminds me of the last thing. It’s hard to explain but here is an example:

One of my tricks, Birthday Cake, was first landed when it was one of the hottest days of summer

People eat ice cream when it is hot

My favorite type of ice cream is an ice cream sandwich

I had my first ice cream sandwich in the first grade

My first grade teacher was Mr. Heart

Hearts remind me of Valentine’s Day

My Birthday is relatively close to Valentine’s Day

People eat Birthday Cake on their birthdays

So, that’s how I name my tricks. I find a characteristic or something about the trick, then I continue it on. The end result is something that has little to no correlation to the original. It’s sort of like the Direct TV commercials. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t ask me to name tricks, my cat still doesn’t have a name.

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I name tricks on just cool words I find. Like, recently my dad told of a word called lumshavoc it means headache in airplane talk. So The repeater I made I name it that.

I can’t find any unused names. :smiley:


Just the most random two words that come to mind or just the first word. Like “monkey leaf” done.

I try to take elements from the trick and associate words/phrases with them.

I Went To The Circus and All I Got Was a Broken Leg plays on the old idiom ‘break a leg!’. It ends in a tower which undoubtedly reminds me of France and thus French circuses. The whole trick has a circus-like feel to it as well.

Foreign Land is just a combination of a bunch of stuff I’ve never done before. It starts with a very strange mount.

Attempted Suicide is pretty simple; you throw a 1.5 Suicide but land it on a string to make a GT.

Throw in a common noun/pronoun, a proper noun, and some sort of other, usually a food.

i.e. Grandma Kimmit Sandwich

I don’t name them.

I forget them :-\

Random crap.

I call my tricks “this trick doesn’t have a name.”

eh, I usually end up remembering them as something like ‘houdinimounttoaroundtheinsidetocrossarmunderpasschopsticktomach5styleexitdropNTHthumbthenpinchthenslackout’

I’d like to see this! Any chance of a video?

I can probably get something up tomorrow if you’d like.

I try to give the trick a name based on where my inspiration came from it, or where I came up with it

I dont

That’s is SO overly complicated, I actually laughed a bit. As for how I name my tricks, I take words that sound funny and use them somehow or another. But as of right now I only have 2 combos that I created purely by myself. “Kerfuffle Madness” and “Flibbertigibbet Mayhem”. My next one though is gonna be called “Ugly Betty’s Potato”.

Actually I do have a combo called sea pig because I was thinking about this video when I acidentally came up with the main mount/concept

Yeah that would be awesome, PM if you do get it up!

First trick - Attempted Suicide
Second trick - Foreign Land but I added a little something at the end.

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