Naming tricks..yea..


Francis Ford Coppola (movie director) was always proud that he would give credit to the author of books that he made into movies… Like Mario Puzos: The Godfather… I am now doing this with combos/tricks I make up. I mean unless its completely original I think they deserve credit you know? I have been using their original name and like combining it with what ever elements I add or other tricks I add in. If you were to mix Cold Fusion and Buddhas Revenge I would call it Cold Revenge or Buddahs Fusion. I just mixed Haddock with Soiled panties, Plan D, and I have no idea what to call it. It’s not going from one trick to the next its just like using all the elements of the tricks that I learned from them. I usually dont name tricks but I want to make some new tutorials so I gota write something for the title right? Just a thought. Is this me lacking creativity?

I also made a trick up with a mixture of a bunch of Alexis JVs tutorials so I was going to ask permission to throw that up and make a name with that too.


I don’t think there’s a problem with your creativity if that’s what you like. They’re your tricks.

But with regard to credit, I think that is better applied to people. If we adhered to the idea of giving credit to every trick that inspired another trick we’d have 50 or 60 word names for tricks since they all must have come from something.

So, if what inspired my new trick was someone specific’s style of play, or something I saw them do that I then tweaked, then maybe I’d credit them in the trick name just for kicks. Otherwise, I’d probably just come up with a totally new name. But that’s just me.


Yea if everyone just named tricks after the previous; by the third generation it would start getting really repetitive and annoying.


Wait…there’s a trick called, “Soiled Panties”? Really?

It is evident you are certainly not the first to struggle with coming up with decent names for tricks they have created.

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It gets worse.

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I don’t know how that name stuck. Half the time Skin the Gerbil is reduced to Gerbil for the sake of decency.


If you’re making your own tricks, then you’re already creative. I don’t even name my tricks.


that’s not the worst name have you seen jensen kimmitt’s magic **** trick?

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Literally 90% of yoyoers do not name their tricks whatsoever either due to lazyness (the typical excuse) or they believe their material is not innovative/fresh enough to deserve a name.

Naming tricks can be difficult if you are trying to get a good name with said trick.

Everything that you do is from your creative outlet, if you feel the need to name them…do it. But, do not be surprised if you will get comments saying “Oh…its just this and that”. Thats the point where you have to step up your game and make the trick not look like those previous tricks. It can be difficult but done since everyone has their own personal style.
Sall good, just do what you do.



True but I name my tricks I make up


A trick of Yuuki Spencer’s.

Yuuki did not name the trick, and from what I’ve heard is not happy with the name but it stuck. Can’t remember who named it… Almost want to say Sebby, but something tells me that’s wrong.


I think Brian Cosky is the one who gave it that name.


Jensen name’s his tricks the awesomest names.


If you are ever in a NEED to name a trick fast for whatever reason, just say what you had to eat last and the last place (city, town, country, whateva).
Ex. Curry Paris, Bacon London, etc…


Or, for really cool-sounding names, look up a Latin/Greek word-root list on the internet and do some neologizing, i.e. mash together a couple root words and conjugate it in English so it sounds like an actual word.


Or just name them after favourite book/movie/TV characters.



To be fair, Yuuki Spencer didn’t even name that trick ‘soiled panties’ and from what I recall, he doesn’t like that name at all. Someone just named it and the name got stuck.

I don’t get too caught up with naming my tricks. I’m more concerned about creating my own tricks.