Are yoyo trick names a little...odd?

I was talking to my friends about the tricks I recently learned and I mentioned Rancid Milk. and they both looked at me weird and was like…theres a trick called rancid milk? So I started thinking and there are plenty of tricks with weird names
like soiled panties
rancid milk
White Buddha

Part of the fun of making tricks is naming them. Descriptive names like the double or nothing or eli hops are memorable because they tell you exactly what the trick is.

Surreal or strange names like rancid milk stand out, making what its keyed to easier to remember.

That, and you KNOW you want to name a trick “twerkasaurus rex.” C’mon, admit it.

Soiled Panties wasn’t named by Yuuki and I don’t think he’s a fan of the name. Can’t remember who named it, though.
Kwyjibo is from the first episodes of the Simpsons, Bart plays it in Scrabble.
Suicide because if you miss it on a responsive yoyo, you’re just asking for knuckle pain.
White Buddha, Yellow Airplanes, Orange Tulips, Green Triangle, all names of ecstasy pills. There are more of 'em, too, I’m sure, just can’t remember off the top of my head.

Theirs even a trick named red snow.

Not in the slighest…

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Yup. That’s part of the fun. I mean, who likes generic names?

Creative names for creative tricks.

And it’s just plain fun. Mostly because it’s just plain fun.

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The one that gives you strange looks when you talk about are suicides

I’m pretty sure Brian Cosky was the one who gave Yuuki’s trick that name.

I think the name suicide originated with diabolos, and the yoyo trick is called that because it’s basically the same concept applied to yoyos. I’m not sure where the diabolo trick got that name, though.

Liek… BRENT STOle!!

Such a vague name that i can m
Never figure out what brent stole!! Such a mystery

Legend has is that some yoyoer made up the Brent Stole and showed it to some other players before a contest. Then some dude named Brent went up on stage and used the trick first.

Alex Berenguel created Brent Stole. Brent Dillinger did a similar, but different trick in his Nationals freestyle that year that Alex thought was the same trick, so he called it “the trick Brent stole from me at Nationals”. The trick became known as “Brent Stole” after that, even though that was a misunderstanding.


Actually, I think most of the Screen names of the people on this Board are just about as Odd as yoyo trick names.

My favorite one is… pineapple jumpsuit. That is waaaay funny, hahahaha



Soiled panties? Nah. Totally normal.

Really enjoy some trick names. Some tricks I rename because there’s no way I’m going to repeat it and I don’t even want that thought taking up space in my head.

Have to agree with yoyodoc. Pineapple jumpsuit make me lulz.

One of my friends made an awesome trick that we call “wuh” because its so cool the first time you see it your like “wuh” ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D