Good names for Yoyo Tricks :D


Make some fun yoyo trick names up :smiley:

(M.DeV1) #2

Anything you want? Names can be silly and have nothing to do with the trick.


i posted this to facebook lastnight and i got hilarious answers :smiley:

(Owen) #4

Walk the dog is a good one.


speaking of walk the dog… last night a YYE forum member’s wisdom entered my brain, because a chick asked me to do “Walk the Dog” she was all like “CAn you walk the dog?” then i remembered what someone on YYE said to do : "Oh I can walk the dog… on my arm!!! and then went to grind my arm like o_O " :smiley:

BAM! and she was all like impressed and “it must take a lot of time to do that :)” as she walked into pizza shop\

yoyo story over and out

(Erik Kerber ) #6

hey thats a good idea now i dont have to ding my yoyo up whenever sombody asks me that ;D


I name mine after female kpop stars :wink:


This is how I name tricks that I can’t make up a name for
Step one: take any book
Step two: flip to a random page
step 3: pick a random word
Steps for: flip to another page
Step five: pick a second word at random
Step six: put the words together

Examples of results of this process: Roof Tassels, Seventeen cabinets, and serpent hypocrites


Soiled panties is a good one


That’s already a trick


Attack of the Magic Bananas


I did that a while ago, and you know what the person said to me?
“NO! I mean the REAL walk the dog.”

Typical humans.


Silly nothing sounds like a good name.


it’s been a long time since I read a book at my own leisure. So yesterday I scored a copy of “Ghost in the Shell” full manga book with lots of color. I’m going to try your little trick out on it :slight_smile:

let’s see… i got ‘YAIEEEEE Togusa’ lol

let me try one more time: “99% See”

ok one more time this is too much fun:
“99% Good”
“That’s Aramaki”
“WEeooo Bkam”
“Get The”
“It’s SPM”

“We’re The” lol


“That’s Aramaki” and “YAIEEEEE Togusa” are awesome trick names! This technique works! I wonder what happens when you use a programming textbook…

“operators shown” and “statement begin”

Man… that failed…


I never thought to use a manga… That’s a good idea to get cooler names than normal books might give xD


actually, i am fond of “Statement Begin”


Alright guys I just bought a new Manga today… Death Note (Black Edition) (so cool)

I’m going to try little book trick again:

“But What”
“The Lord”

Ok … Well I can’t let uninteresting results stop me from continuing this exercise. I like doing it, and in time I can only imagine stumbling on a sweet result.


You will stumble upon those amazing results if you keep trying :wink: