The Original Trick Thread!

So i was just finishing up my first original yoyo trick, “Nimbostratus”. I was thinking about making a thread specifically for some new, original tricks. here’s how it’ll go:

Name: Nimbostratus
type: repeater
style: slack/tech
difficulty: intermediate

Video: (i’ll put up one in a little while)

post your new tricks here!

Name: Trouble or Nothing
Type: Laceration/ Tech
Style: Smooth/ Flashy/ Bouncy
Difficulty: Intermediate/ Advanced

Video: (Watch in HD and SUBSCRIBE :wink: )

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Are we doing tricks or combos?

Probably both. :stuck_out_tongue:

Name:-insert a name here cuz i got nuthin-
Type: tech, a little slack. and a whip
Style: err, quick paced flow, and bounce?
Difficulty: Id Say Intermediate

I’ve made up way too many tricks to count. I’ve probably made up a good 23.

I think a good name for it would be “Electric Bologna”

Thats…dang xD

I’ve created a few tricks, I’m not creative enough to name them though… :slight_smile:

intermediate??? Seriously??? That’s saying that it was just as hard as trapeze if we’re going by yoyoexpert trick standards!

Now we just need an original tutorial throw :wink:

xD its not that hard!
its just a ton of elements from basics

Name: tires(I guess?)
Type: tech
Dif:intermediate (according to yye)

Get into trapeze. Take the farthest string on the loop under the yoyo. Repeat.

Could you explain it more? I am very confused

In trapeze, in the loop, where your NTH is,take the left string under the yoyo.

That kind sir is not original

Moderate necro, I know, but I’d like to see this.

dunno what to call the trick, but that was seriously epic!

You think so? Haha

Does anyone want a tutorial for this trick?
Well combo

Yes. I’m craving electric balogna.