Z-Tutorials 1a thread: 7-27-14 Slinko

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This is the new tutorual for the 1a trick known as “Ballista”. The trick is essentially, a neck wrap follwed up with a rolling green Triangle around your neck. Literally the best neck trick out there. Check it out

Zammy. Onedrop. Code1. 2011.


i love it but im scared. when did you get sponsored by one drop? it was about time!


thanks Z! Great tut for a great trick :slight_smile:


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Only a few hours till school is over.

Amazing as always zammy!


so cool, but I have some difficulties.

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What is it your having difficulties with if I may ask?

@dcs937 Its a bit of an interesting trick, could be dangerous but really its just you got to control it. Yoyoing in general is dangerous. And I got sponsored by Onedrop in June.


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Gradation is a type of trick that makes use of the trapeze and bro mount. With this mount you create two separate hanging loops. With a subtle movement you swing the first loop out of the gap and the secondary loop is turned into a suicide to which you catch.

Fun trick but can be very irritating because the first loop will often reject out so you have to learn to drop and drag the string so the first loop will not reject at all.




Like a boss… 'Cept, I like it more than like a boss XD.

Amazing as always Zammy!


zammy knows how zobbity doo bop the frazzle dazzle in the puddin pops!

but in all seriousness great job bro!

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If anyone out there needs help with any kind of trick, please do ask and I will try to make a tutorial for it as fast as I can. With the use of Gopro, this will be amazing.



OK, got one that looks interesting to me. Your Z-Mas 2011 Vid, there is a trick called “Clause”. How about a tut on that one please. ;D

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Z-tutorial 1a: Z-style Double GT

Ever wanted to learn a different way to get into a DOUBLE Gt without the crazy knot part at the end of the trick? Well if you learn this version you will not have to deal with it and you will know a different style to get into said trick!

This is my version of the Double GT. Using a rolling type of motion that I have used in a few other tricks, I can get into the double green triangle with much easier, flashier, and the end trick does not end in a pseudo knot causing you to get out of it much easier.

I’ll definitely get to that trick for you since you were one of few to make a request. Okay :slight_smile:


Thank you. Those new Roman named tricks you got look pretty sweet too.

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Z-tutorial on Pathos

Pathos began with inspiration to make a trick similar to how Gacek does a lot of his technical tricks. At the time I was trying to motivate myself to develop a style that had a moebius influence but still evolve to what my style is today. This trick has some neat elements to it like chopsticks tech, folding manuevers and buckets that all blend together to make one hella hard tech trick known as Pathos.

Overall, this has to be one of the most difficult 1a tricks I’ve developed.

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Z tutorials presents: Future Zipper

Future zipper is a sidestyle into front style hybrid trick that utilizes the use of crossing arms to do a repeater trick. My goal at the time I figured this out was trying to make a neat sequal to the original 1a Zipper trick using modern elements. The use of vertical like tricks in a repeat fashion really makes a neat effect how your arms weave with the yoyo itself.


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Z-tutorials presents: Dimension Ghost.

Dimension Ghost, oh one of my most favored suicide type of tricks named after a football technique from the anime “Eyeshield 21”. This trick was a follow up from when I created “Like a boss”. I was trying to shoot for a sequel type of trick and this was formed. This trick is a breaker type of trick into a 360 suicide but you land in a regular trapeze.

Really fun trick and looks great when done in a smooth manner. Sorry for the crazy hair, made this at 4 in the morning. Also: Bunnies.


Thanks for the tuts Zammy!

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Z-tutorials presents: Gladiator

Gladiator is the sequel trick to the original neck wrap trick of mine known as “Ballista”. It starts out nearly similar to Ballista but it has a few added maneuvers so it ups the difficulty of the overall trick and presentation. Its pretty much a powered up/ex version. None the less, its an awesome trick when done smoothy. This trick can cause neck burn big time though so be careful!

Had to think of a related weapon like trick name, and at the time I was influenced by Roman Antiquity. Gladius means sword, and thus found Gladiator to be a fitting name for this.


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Legionnaire is a tech trick from my video “Integrity” I did back in March and it featured this trick. I was trying to shoot for a sequel trick from the original called “Advent Children” and suceeded. This trick features a really neat double reject/slack spin that if done smoothly has a neat weave effect as well as a breaker like move at the end to finish it off. Overall I am pleased with it but can be hard to do. Its definitely tech-like.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more Z-tutorials in the future. Still trying to shoot for one a week! Other then that, there is nothing more to say. Goodluck with the trick

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Z-tutorials presents: Passage

For the longest time I had been trying to figure a Tunnel concept mixed with a suicide like trick in order to make a new hybrid trick. After fiddling around with ideas for over a year or so I finally came down to this. The tunnel x suicide part happens at the end when you literally have to fling it. Yes I do realize, you could just do a simple arm tunnel and do the same fling type of motion, but that really is just boring and this spices things up and gives more of a visual.

Its not too hard for people out there to pick up, just have to do the swing right and catch it.