Zach Gormley Trick

Anyone know how to do the trick at 0:42 in this video

Looks like a reverse cold fusion into kamikaze whip gt. ??? i think :stuck_out_tongue:

It is more complex than that I think like it starts from a houdini mount and then turns into a common element in routines but I cant figure it out

Almost done with the trick, will upload a video after I finish learning and practicing it.

Nice thanks

Apparently there should be some cabin tutorials featuring Zach in the future.

That should be awesome

Did you want the whole combo or just the trick? I have the trick down, going to try the full combo if you want me to.


Alright, I’ll continue to work on it. If you change your mind and get antsy, I can upload the first trick of the combo.

wait what is the difference between the trick and the combo nevermind

Also thank you so much for doing this im super anxious

Ok i just need to know does the trick start with double or nothing or houdini mount

That combo looks terrible! Sorry Zachary. No offense.

No, it really doesn’t. How long have you been yoyoing?
People who haven’t been yoyoing long can’t fully appreciate people like Zach or Takeshi and lean towards flashy tricks like Gentry Stein.

Don’t go criticizing other peoples tricks, especially if they’re 5th in the world and 2013 Trick Innovator of the Year I’m not trying to be a jerk but Zach works really hard on his tricks

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That’s an extremely well thought out trick. Looks very nice to me.

What time segment should I learn? (e.g. from 0:42 - 0:##) The full combo he does is really long :stuck_out_tongue:

0:42 - 0:52 if you can please
Or 0:42 to 0:49 if you just stop when you hop off the mount

I wrote no offense for a reason.

I liked the slack style part of it. Ok I by looking at it twice it looks better. Zachary your combo was not terrible it was good.