Very quick video: feat. Arctic Circle and Vincent Goh

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Zach Gormley is staring at me strangely…

Lol I thought it would be funny to put that in

the only problem with it is that you will likely have viewers like me, who, when they see that picture, will stop the video and try to pause it exactly right to see what the pic is of. and then will have lost all memory of whatever cool tricks you were doing, so the point of a cool vid showing tricks is lost to some people

Ahhhhh. Sorry. Gosh I blame my sense of humor :confused:

i’ll admit it was funny, made me lol.


Thank yers d-(^.^)z

Too lazy to read the previous posts but:

  1. Your avatar reminds me of kevjumba

  2. Your style is just awesome, period.

LOGIC!!! That in itself made it awesome! #Rattpack



Lmbo thanks bro. I saw your other posts, the one about making new combos. All you need is a bunch of tricks that you have mastered and connecting them in a way that looks nice and “flows”.

Good tricks to “link” tricks together in combos include trapeze and his brother slack, a braintwister combo, or a repeater trick.

Here is a video explaining how to make a very simple yet cool looking combo.

Hope this helps!

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this is great, thanks (:

No prob’