Zach Gormley Trick

Ps I don’t like Zachary’s style. Go Suzuki!


writing no offense doesn’t make it any less offensive.

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I like all Yoyo players!

I’d like to see a video of you doing those routines.

I’m not going to make a video and I’m done with this argument. Everyone has different opinions on who they like, and the conversation is supposed to be about the trick not this.

One more thing! I hate Zach because he tells people to shush before he performs. It’s a competition people are gonna scream.

He may have audio cues for timing to music, or he may want to portray a certain mood. Yoyoing isn’t always about going fast and people screaming. It can also be an art form, whic you will realize when you become more experienced.

I seriously hate this conversation

I love Patrick BORGERDING but saying shush is not good.

Ok fine. Conversation is over

I actually really like this. At my first ever competition, I couldn’t hear the music start over the cheering, so it totally messed with my routine.

Oh really? Didn’t know oops

Any progress on the trick? :slight_smile:


You guys know that.

Wow that was timed really well, but can we just let this go for now! All I did was try to agree with this guy so that we could just be done and it just sparked up more stuff

“Never drown your beliefs just for one to be in peace”

-Thom Yorke (modified by me :stuck_out_tongue: )

This last part is really ticking me off. He does it way too fast for me to see, but I believe I’m two strings away from finishing. Sorry for the delay.

Not to mention 2x and currently reigning US National Champion.