What's your favorite trick?

(SR) #1

I am so bored today, I decided to make this post. Just curious. There was a post on this like two months back, so I decided to make a new one. In my boredom I also decided to make this- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5393.0.html

The Post-
So? What’s your favorite trick? One you made up? One that’s on this site? I am only on Advanced 1, and my favorites are Buddha’s Revenge, Cold Fusion, and one I made up called, “Which Side.” What’s yours?


Brent Stole, Hook, Jade Whip, Leg Wrap Trap, basically everything from expert part two down.


Yellow Airplanes and chopsticks.

Happy Throwing! =]


Candy Rain or Plan D i love Candy Rain when it gets fast


Rusted Slack, Flowsion Pulse, eX, Airflow, all original. From the site, ladder escape and Reverse Trapeze whip.

(Yin) #6

A trick im working on called Cookie Monster



ladder escape


Anything I make up.


Whatever I make up is my fav, but if I had to choose a real trick, Soiled Panties is pretty cool.



FCWGT (Failed Chopstick Whip to Green Triangle :)) - My original

Then Jade whips the are “Slap” to whip into the other direction. :slight_smile:

Like Hiroyuki Suzuki, Jade whip then kick the whip, I like those kind of tricks

Iwasawa Tower, Hook 2.5, Thumb Grinds, Magic Knots and so many more!


My fav is one I made up called Chop Drop Slack. It’s a variation of Chopsticks and slack moves. When done fast it looks awesome. :slight_smile:


I created a 6 suicide combo that pretty killer. I only hit it 25% of the time though. Its intense.


Does it have to be one that we can do? If so, then River Grand. Or one of my own creations- Double D

(SR) #15

Awesome guys! I’ve noticed it’s all mostly made up tricks.


Very true


definitely suicide

(Jamesofyoyo) #18

My own tricks, revolutions, yuuki slack, and monorail!


The Matrix

(jared) #20

plan d and something i made up