What Is Your Fav Trick?

I am just wondering what is yalls fav tricks? mine is the Twirly-Bird

sleeper or gravity pull :stuck_out_tongue:

red clover or white buddha ;D

I’ve just mastered plastic whip so… plastic whip. :slight_smile:

ok, right over by the some one’s profile, it says their favorite trick… problem solved.

Indeed it does say that, but how often do a lot of people update it? People’s favorite trick could change every day.

I agree. I really don’t update it unless i learn a new trick that i really like.

Okay. What is the purpose of the poll? Anyways, my favorite trick is definitely Pagodas. :wink:

Tricks cant be “mastered”, but anyway. I like heart slack and tricks I make up and Combo’s I make up.

ya they can, i just means that you can do it every time.

Eli Hops!

“Everytime” is indefinite. Unless you could record an infinite amount of trials, something cannot be done “everytime”.

i just learned and whut so ya

Not true. It just means every time they do it they can make it.

cold fusion and yuuki slack are kool

The Swordless Ninja and some chopstick combos! ;D


i cant do it… but gyroscopic flop

my favorite trick is revolutions. i cannot do it, but it is my favorite to watch.