Whats your favorite trick?

I will start

Soiled panties

This thread is pointless.

You can just right in your profile what it is…

I am sorry if I sound rude.

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A while back, there was a thread very similar to this…and it was deleted. It was deleted because it was pointless, just like Shadowz143 said. I hope I don’t sound rude either.

Mine would be kamikaze

Lol a little late

Gentry stein tricks


Gyroscopic flop

But people’s favorite tricks might change…I learned lately I love suicide tricks.

Probably the most favourite trick of mine right now is Grandma Kimmit Sandwich! Look it up on Youtube =P.

Why does it say your fav. trick in your profile is Eli Hops?


like I said, people don’t always update the profile info, but their opinions may change.

Ah… ok