Is your fav. trick your fav. trick?

Many people make posts saying “What is your favorite trick”. Can we agree that this post would show if those posts should be deleted or not? I would guess they aren’t accurate sometimes. Just from what I have seen. Soo. IF your trick listed is different. What is your favorite trick? I know my fav trick changes ALL the time so I wouldn’t go updating my profile all the time. Also I do not think people go clicking around to find peoples favorite tricks. A lot of people will post a joke as their favorite trick or leave it blank “whatever looks good” favorite yoyo “whatever spins”. I myself don’t even remember what i left there. So… A post asking for a favorite trick makes sense to me :wink: I just see these kids…3 posts… “Hey whats your favorite trick?” Troll… “Next to my name… lock this.”- exaggerated SOO…Peace love and yoyos!

Even if these results show that the trick listed by our name is not our favorite, all of those posts should be deleted. I hate those posts so much. I also absolutely DETEST posts like the ones that someone had a couple days ago that was asking for yoyo ideas. To make it worse, he had one for each manufacturer, so he could take the posted ideas (There were none) and submit it to the company, under the impression they would use the idea. They get really annoying. I think that there needs to be a forum rule that prevents similar posts. Spam like that needs to be stopped.