Am I the only one who hates this

Am I the only one who hates it when something like this is someones profile:

Favorite yoyo: Watevur im throwin lol

Favorite trick: da trik I jest cam up wit lol

Favorite trick: Wutevar I am doin at da moement lol
I’m guessing it’s nothing because you are most likely on your computer and it must be pretty difficult to use a yoyo while on the computer so just TELL US WHAT YOUR FAVORITE TRICK IS

I just needed to tell everyone because I hate little things that just get on my nerves

Don’t judge

Please name your tricks

But am I the only one who hates that?

But what about those of us without favorites?

Do you really care what the next guys favorite trick is?

What did you say to me?


I never really read it. I know that with myself the trick can change on a daily basis and it just seems silly to hop on a forum and edit this every day. Some days I will have certain movements that I think feel good while I’m throwing and other times they don’t feel that good so I just don’t do them. I wouldn’t look too into it man, sounds like you are stewing over spilled milk lol.

My favorite trick is the one that hits all the strings.

My favorite yoyo is the yyf fhz.

Mine is similar and I learned it from Josh Yee online. Its the one where you throw all the strings at once.

I personally couldnt care less about the litte things…

I really don’t like it when people are super sarcastic and snooby like that i find it to be rude.
But for most of the time regardless of what im doing or using I’m having a great time no madder what, im just happy to be yo-yoing. its hard to have a “favorite”

My favourite yoyo and trick changes on a daily basis and while I do have a lot of spare time on my hands, I find it’s better spent throwing or playing video games or whatever than updating my YYE profile.


cmon now OP… your little quote says you’re going to the moon.

are you? please be honest I couldn’t handle any lies after that Breaking Bad finale

Maybe their profile is the truth. Maybe they just want to push your buttons. Maybe they don’t really want to share. Maybe the like to joke around or be a bit sarcastic.

Profiles, like posts, all add up to convey ones forum personality.

Seriously u like da yyf fhz 2? Da snowtires are so dope especially when you put lateral caps on it.

i hear it plays like god with a solid gold and diamond bearing

nede 2 plae it wiht yolo strigz.

I feel so victimised!

But I agree with Andy, why does it even matter what some random guy you’ve never met’s favourite yoyo is?

I find you’re making fun of me and I don’t like your attitude about me, mr OP

I hate that everyone names their tricks. Is that what you are talking about?

I gess its just sumtin I get buged abot

You know what I really hate? When people post absolute trash in the General Forum. Take it to Unrelated, scum.

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