What's your favorite trick?

Ladder escape, Double Hidemasa hook, brent stole, gyroscopic flop, kamikaze, Cheese nips (if only Steven was here :’(, and offstring whip… ;D

i havent really made up any tricks but my favorite trick even though it is pretty easy is skin the gerbil just because it flows really well. also a trick called flightless airplanes is really cool when done smoothly

Anything I made up…

I like making up my own tricks!

I tend to never to take the things I come up with and put them into full blown tricks. I just can never decide on what to do!

Elements I really like to stick into my tricks are whips, slacks, and rejections.

So yeah, those are my favorite tricks!

For tricks with names, I like Yuuki Slack and Rancid Milk!

I am also on Advanced 1, and my favorites are Plastic Whip, Slack Trapeze, and Buddha’s Revenge.

Front 9

Anything 5A!!!

Hmmm…Scapegoat, the Unnamed eXpert trick #1, double or nothing suicide, and my own trick or combo.

Pine Mount Branding

Probaly superman