Favorite type of trick?

What is your favorite type of tricks? Something slackly, picture tricks, speed combos, or so on.

Personally I like tricks that are relatively simple yet very flowy and smooth. Also grind tricks are great.

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I like hooks whips and rejection, slack but not when it’s just setting the string on the yoyo. Janos’ at syyc 12 is probably the reason I went so heavy into yoyoing.

Slack,speed combos, and suicides

I like short tricks with laceration and slack elements and long combos that I can just autopilot on

Tricks that incorporate slack and/or suicides. I feel a greater sense of accomplishment when landing them.

Slack and chopstick tricks.

Speed combos and horizontal are really satisfying to do imo

I’ve been trying to learn more slack tricks - just love the way they add that extra visual element to the trick with the string.

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