What kind of tricks do you like to make?

So, just curious of the styles that most people have.

Its hard, but if I can I make tricks slow and flowy like Jensen, his tricks are simple, but its mind boggling how he makes them so goo dlooking or thinks of them. My hardest part of yoyoing is I cant really make stuff up well.

I like tech - But I love to make it flow. I like doing what feels natural, but that’s a part of flow, so, more flow for me… Oh, and I love bangers.

I like for my tech to flow and for it to look a bit wierd. I think that is the best way I can put it.

Elegant repeaters, loaf tricks, axle wraps, nice front style and jerk style. All flow together well into one style, not really any category posted above.

Fast technical with at least a bit of flow

i honestly like tricks that are smooth, fast and flows.
Smoothness is a great deal for me though. because if it looks like i dont have control, i feel like lame. :smiley:

I like making technical tricks with a nice smooth look to them. So sometimes I will add slack here and there to get it there.

Fast and easy :).

I’m not good at making tricks, but the few I’ve made up have been flowy repeater tricks.

Flowy string tricks are just my style.

Its hard for me to say, while I have made up around 11 simple-ish tricks, I really feel like I lack a cohesive style, so I can’t describe it.

Grinding its all about grinding.

A trick based off of a mount I invented.

slacks all day, every day.

You need a YYJ “Slacker” T-Shirt. I’d get a YYJ “Grinder” T-Shirt but that’d be “wrong”

I like to make flashy/banger tricks, but then go into more smooth movements.

Slow and smooth.