What is your style like and what would you like it to be?

For me, I consider my style to be whips, slacks, and rejections which all often (hopefully) lead to cool picture tricks. I would like my style to have all those mentioned above + be flowy which I’m constantly working on but can’t say I have achieved.

What about you guys? Would you say you have achieved your ideal style? Or are you trying to be more technical, flowy, whippy, etc?

I have two styles. A contest style and a video/play style.

Contest: Smooth, speed, maybe a little tech and slack but I try to avoid too much of that
Video/Play: Technical, slack

What I want them to be? Exactly that

My current style is pretty simplistic,mild slack, not much tech, I put most of my focus on getting it to flow right, still in progress.
example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4P4b702iNs
What I want my style to be like is: Dense tech, more expressive slack, a bit more body involved, odd.

My style is very Izuru Hasumi-like, yet I want it to be more Yamato Murata-like

Just re-capturing this old aspect of my life. I have no apparent style yet since I am starting from the bottom up. It will come though.

im a flowy kinda guy not to fast my speed, and it gets the job done when it gets around to it…

I dont care about having a unique style, assuming I even can.
I may like any kind of trick except hops.

Right now I have a lot of emphasis on speed and horizontals. I’m trying to incorporate more original and slacky tricks into it without losing any speed.

I’m not at the stage where I have a style yet, but I was so inspired after seeing Guy Wright at the 2014 California State Yoyo Championships!

All about that Jensen Kimmit x Paul Kerbel style

Workin on that flowy/smooth tech

Really techy with like discombobulated slacks here and there. I’m trying to make it more slacky but, i cant seem to be able to do it.

I don’t know what my style is. Don’t have a plan beyond learning fun tricks. I love to learn other peoples’ tricks and learn to discover them on my own. Either way its gravy.

My style is very hoppy, with mild tech and decent speed. My biggest inspiration is 2011 worlds era flowy Jensen Kimmitt.

What is my style???

From watching others videos, I’d guess it be slow? There must be a better way to describe my style.

Not sure whether my tricks fall under complex or simple. Maybe it’s just smooth? Could it be flowy? Is it tech?

I’d like to one day yoyo like Harold Owens III. I can dream…

At one point I actually knew a variety of tricks, but my style has slowly devolved to the point where pretty much everything I do is just a variation on basic stuff like gerbil, boingy, kwijibo, etc. In other words, very basic hops and loops. Fairly fast and decently flowy, but certainly nothing that would impress you lot, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I just do the tricks that feel good to me.


edit I meant my style is choppy-smooth. I’d like it to be whatever it grows to.

Lotsa cool slack. And I like my style just how it is.

  1. Technical, long combos that you can’t get out of until you finish the trick
  2. Technical, long combos that you can’t get out of until you finish the trick

Honestly, I’m trying to make a trick as complicated as possible, even if I have to sacrifice speed or slack. I learn tricks that are smoother and less complicated, but I try to make up my tricks. Unfortunately, that makes it pretty hard to make up tricks because of how complicated I want it to be.