Tell Me About Your Style

Every time I see a “What’s your style” thread, I always think that it’s like this one here, but it’s always “5A Rocks!” I want to have another style conversation, if you don’t mind.

Tell me about your 1A. How do you play? Are you calm, slow, and smooth? Are you fast, frenzied, and excited? Are you still trying to find your place?

What about your tricks? Are they quick, two move motions that get people wondering how you did it? Are they arm tricks and chopsticks? Do you like using slack and awkward arm twists? Are they long? Do you go for variety? Are they techy? How often do they push your ability?

Let me know. I’m curious.

Don’t answer the questions directly, they’re more like prompts for you to be creative and type something of substance.

Why should I care about how my style is? How to classify it? How to describe it? I’m not going to limit myself by saying “I only do type a tricks, so I won’t do type b tricks.” I’m a player, so what I’m going to do is play yoyo how I want to. I’m gonna do the tricks I want, how I want, whenever I want.

I like slack tricks done smooth and fast.

Everyone has a style, no matter how different your tricks are. We aren’t judging people on their styles, just curious. You could do tricks like Ladder escape and black hops, but how do you perform them? That is style of the player, not the tricks.

Like these.

Tech and Slack Stuff.

[b]Just answer the thread, I really hate those people who argue with, They are nonsense, Just answer, then done. Arguing and disagreeing for?


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Nobody said you couldn’t.

I did answer the thread.

But by classifying the tricks I “do”, I am saying I can’t.

i dont really have a style, but i think your taste in yoyos could tell alot about ones style. for example i love my bully, its heavy, slow, super smooth, and fun just like how i play. i like to do techy tricks especially in 5a, but i never really liked the hit or miss feeling of slack tricks but you have to get techy tricks just right and i like to figure out the really complex tricks.

But by classifying the tricks I “do”, I am saying I can’t.
I dont think thats what Xdohl is getting at… I think what he means is what kind of style do you have…

Like where as you and some one else can do the exact same trick, you can both do it differently because of the styles you’ve developed… Where as some one can do a trick really fast and make it look like a blurr some one else can do it slow and flowing…

So really, the question should be
“What person twist of your own style do you add to the tricks you do?”

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what if he doesnt want to answer it

Then theres really no need for posting

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I’m a slack person. I like going at moderate pace and keep everything fluid.

My style depends on what mood I am in or whatever yoyo I am using. I also depends on what style of tricks I’m working on.

Most of the time, though, I try to make part of the trick have slack and tech, then change into something really flashy. This is my favorite, because it has some of both. .

Right now, I’m working on those tricks. I’m liking chopsticks stuff so the tech, and leg/arm and such for the flashy part Also, sideways tricks are fun, and I’m working on those as well.
Also, I am working on speedy stuff. Like braintwister combos, and sideways tricks.

i’m inspired by simplicity. simple yo-yo’s. simple tricks. i’m inspired by the history that we tend to forget or ignore. i’m not in a race to ‘get anywhere’ besides where i am, so i tend to go pretty slow. i like the feeling of a yo-yo snapping back from a huge flyaway dismount. i like ‘looping out’. i like wood spinning on cotton. i try to approach yo-yo tricks like skateboarding: roll in, make a point, roll away.

whatever i’m playing, however i’m playing… i just try to do so with a present mind. i feel that’s about the best i can hope to accomplish, and the only way i know how to describe my style.

good thread. question everything; especially your self.

My style? That’s a sticky subject. I guess you can say that I’m in the phase when I’m starting to develop my own style. In the past, I’ve changed from a basic, repetitive, Rewind-like trick style, to Techy tricks like Ladder Escape and White Buddha. As of right now, I find the simple crowd pleasers really appeal to me.

How I play? I play with a mix of fast moves like Braintwisters and slow and smooth tricks like suicides. I tend to often combo-up the two styles. For example: I start with a Braintwister combo, then transition to a suicide, and then back to the fast action.

Like I said, I’m currently on the quest for my own style. Everyday I try to come up with something new and exciting that I could add to my arsenal of tricks, whether technical, flashy, or short and simple.

i like techy slightly fast moves that not only look complicated but are impressive looking to those who dont yoyo. i also throw slight slack but like tyler said i dont like hit or miss so my slacks are impressive but simple.

Seeing some interesting responses here…