Yoyo Styles


What are the yoyo styles? Technical, slack?


There isn’t just one, everyone has a style


You can kind of tell by the players style. Gentry Stein’s is very poppy, Brandon Vu’s and Hiroyuki Suzuki is all about speed, Paul Kerbal is long and thought out. Riccardo Fraolini’s and Andre Boulay’s is lots of slack. You develop a style just by watching people play, it happens naturally.


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I’m saying there isn’t one definitive style every one is different


Maybe a question catered to you could be: What are different aspects/elements that make up someone’s style? :slight_smile:

I think tech is one. Slack. Bounce (Gentry). Flow… Hmmm I don’t know how to describe others. Western, Eastern, European, Asian. Just some thoughts.

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Yeah there really isn’t one definite list of styles. There is, of course, the “1A, 2A, 3A, etc.” list, but that is not, I think, what you are asking.

I would say that a person’s style is defined by the first few adjectives you think of when you have finished watching a significant amount of their tricks.


There are different styles not just two. Especially is a player creates his or her own tricks.


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When a player starts to make up tricks, they will most likely have things in common such as: they are technical, there is some slack, smooth, etc. This is the player’s “style”

Look at Gentry, he is fast, slacky (nowadays), smooth, bouncy, and EPIC (not that this is a style, but heck, it’s true). Now, Zach Gormley is more technical and has more slack moves but is also really smooth. When you look at other player’s tricks, you will always find something unique about it. Janos Karancz especially has a technical, rejection, slacky, picture trick-esque style where Iori Yamaki is all about speed and advanced horizontal stuff.

I hope this answers the question.

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