Playing Styles(New)

In this guide I will be giving some information about playing styles

Fast  Base  Hardcore

Let’s look at 3 Players:

Hiroyuki Suzuki (Fast)
He is fast because he makes fast tricks.

And his yoyos have good spin times.(Actually it depends on the trow)
His yoyo the Speeder has broken the record with 16 minutes and 2 seconds.

Signature Series:

* YoYoJam Speeder
    * YoYoJam Speed Maker
    * YoYoJam Meteor

Andre Boulay(Base)

We all know him.He is the Master,the base.
He has some accessories and moves,
I like him because he can teach good. 
The easiest way to learn.
And his trick the Thumb Grind is Great.

Signature Series:
*YoYoJam Legacy
*YoYoJam Dark Magic(A yoyo for everyone)

Johnnie DelValle (hardcore)

Soldier Look.Also known as JD
With Hardcore I want to say that he is always making strong moves and on his videos he uses rock music,that the person who is watching it fells the playing style.Same for every player and P.Style.
He likes felling like a soldier or a fighter.And this means Hardcore

Signature series:
*YoYoJam Hitman
*YoYoJam Lyn Fury
*YoYoJam X-Con
*YoYoJam X-Convinct

Finally If you learn your tricks from YYE then you should be a base player.Put the point is that it is not true.

You form your playing style by watching videos of any player and by your character in real life.
For example if you are fast than you play fast or if you like hard rock you play hardcore.

Or your yoyo.I am posting the yoyos because they will form your style too.
It is important which yoyo you choose.Just choose how you want to play and go with one of the yoyos af those 3 players from the team YYJ.

Prepared by Expert-Tolga

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I wouldn’t really say that base and hardcore are styles. Everyone has their own style. If you want to break it up, there are tech, slack, pops, whips, and lacerations.

Sure, Mickey and Augie go fast. Also, JD is hardcore. However, Andre does a lot of “accessory” tricks (flops, grinds, etc.)

Everyone has their own style, so it is impossible to compare them.

It is fine if you say, “Mickey and Augie play fast”

But saying, “Andre is the average yoyoer” isn’t.

I appreciate all of your work, but it just doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Did you make a new thread on this? You can edit the other one.

I have deleted the other one

Is it ok now

This post killed me.

Good try making a thread, but I don’t think you can classify every style. :-\

What Samad said.
There are a lot of styles, everyone has their own.

I wanted to classify 3 main styles.

I think it is fine. when it gets down to the nitty gritty everyone is different, but thats a good layer clasiffication.


way more than 3 styles man

still these are the main styles

If you really break it down to styles. there are two categories
Generic; You have your base Trick list and you mix and match to make up diffrerent tricks.

Technical; You know your base tricks but look for something more in those tricks, to create new components, and look deeper into the basic mounts.

This is how i see it
Speed, slack heavy, string heavy, smooth playing, flow is all preference. Follow or be Followed or be both. All up to you and your drive.