What's your style/ what do you like to see?

I’m not talkin’ 1-5A, I mean like smooth or fast? Do you like flashy stuff like behind the back, or more technical string tricks? What do you like to see, and if your style is different how do you like to throw?

I like to watch people with really smooth styles of play, lots of times relatively simplistic in terms of tricks, but difficult in terms of flow. People like Devon Jackson come to mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZia8UcZDf0.

My personal play is… more choppy, probably as simplistic, but it’s somethin’ I’m working at haha.

How bout ya’ll?

Anything Jensen. haha

YoYoing at it’s finest. Perfection, to be exact.

I love a smoother, between the fingers style, like ChopSticks, or wraps…always fun…I also like random, silly tricks. Ben Conde, Jensen Kimmit, Guy Wright, and Elliot Jackson are fun for me to watch

Agreed. There’s something about a chill layed back style


Blasphemy!!! I dunno, I just wanted to say something medieval…Don’t ask.

I don’t have a style (yet).

But my favorite style to watch is anything fast and/or flashy.

Smooth. Flowing. More about art than tech. But sometimes that can be technical. Sometimes I want to get intense and push myself.

Like watching the same. Jensen and Ed Haponik are my favorites to watch.

I love the Thoreau reference by the way!


I’m definitely a “flow” type player. I like “large” tricks where the yoyo moves around a lot rather than the smaller, tighter, technical mounts and tricks.

Recently, I’ve even been intentionally evolving the “flow” style to its extreme, where I’m attempting to get the maximum air time for the yoyo on each trick while also keeping my movement both to a minimum, and as slow and smooth as I can. Almost as if the entire routine were in slow motion and I’m just guiding a magic yoyo around. It would look weird to most, I think, but I really love putting together combos this way and it’s just as challenging for me, if not more, than doing the same combo as fast as possible.

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oops double

Generaly, extreme flow styles that don’t score well at contests  :smiley:
(like Guy Wright or Gary Li:)

epic awesomeness ^

After looking at your “favorite trick” and “favorite yoyo,” I’m not surprised with that response! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds interesting and unique, you should post a video if you have a camera once you’ve mastered the technique!

I am more of a flow, dead string hits. I like to put some slack here and there, but i like ton do a trick in one consistent set of string hits. I just like the feel and look of it. Once I feel comfortable with it, I then add some flare to it.

Jensen and Zach are my favorite Players.

1a and 5a.


People need to read the topic before they post.

Anyways, to elaborate on my previous post. I’m like a mix of Guy Wright, Jensen, and Augies speed.

I like technical, but with flow, chopsticks, and heavy (big cool amazing tricks) kind of like Gentry Stein or Jensen Kimmitt. I really enjoy Jayyo and Ibs’ stuff too.

Smooth flow. Art in motion.

I’ve found that i like styles that us a lot of transitions and no movement is wasted,in other words they don’t like to spend a lot of time in the same mount just doing a bunch of spins like Hiroyuki Suzuki,i mean i can respect the fact of how fast he is buy in my honest opinion lack technicality.But that’s just me.