Flowy, Tech, Fast?

If you had to choose between these three, which would you choose?

-Super tech: you can do the most intricate tech but it is very very slow and you have to almost stop at some points in order to get the strings set up correctly for the next part of the trick.

-Super fast: you are the fastest yoyo player ever but your style is pretty choppy.

-Super flowy: you’re able to do the most elegant, flowy tricks however your most difficult trick you could ever do is “advanced” tricks on yoyoexpert.

Which would you choose?

Definitely flow. No matter how cool your trick is, I feel that it’s gotta be appealing. Flow shows mastery.

True, however some people thing that if you do something smoothly, that it automatically good. I’m sorry but if you do a simple trapeze combo smoothly, that does not qualify it as skilled.

Flow all day! You can slur past bad technique with fast, and most tech looks largely the same, even though I enjoy the exploration of it. Flow can make the most difficult look easy.

If I can choose 2, I will choose a nice balance between tech & flow.

If I can only choose 1, then flow it is.

Flowy. Chaining simple tricks together with a very good flow and transition.

When people say ‘style’, I picture 1A, 2A, etc, instead of tech, flow, or whatever.
And personally I don’t really choose any, I just do whatever I want at a given time.
I feel old.

I don’t choose any either, it’s meant to be more of a what if type of question.

I think the beauty is we don’t have to choose. However, having good flow really makes a difference. For example, look at any of the tutorials here, when Andre does the trick at speed to show what it should look like. Compare that to the first time any of us tried even something as basic as double or nothing, we may have hit it, but, it looked hard (at least for me it was almost always a surprise when I first started hitting tricks…still is).

Even at yoyo school, I hear the teachers telling the testing student they have the movement, but not the flow of the trick. Also, just for me, but, the best yoyo related compliment I have ever received came after a throwdown. The giver of the compliment told me that my flow has really improved. Made my day.


Speed it just looks so cool

Speed hands down. In my opinion, speed can make even simple tricks look great

For the three categories i assume you are referencing the alternate reality versions of Jainos, Jakub, and Riccardo. :grinning: The evil kind of mirror twin. As for my choice, I choose flow, cause the best tricks i created , not learned.

While speed does make simple tricks look much better, I’d also say that it makes more advanced and difficult tricks look worse simply because the trick gets lost in the speed. Speedy play has a tendency to make tricks look homogenised IMO (that may also be because certain tricks are easier to do quickly).

Personally making my tricks flow is quite important to me, I always want my tricks to have a sense of momentum so that one movement leads into another. However, ultimately having an interesting and fun trick is the most important part. And given that the description of the cons for flow in this what if basically puts a cap on the complexity and difficulty of the tricks, I’d go for tech (cus “most difficult trick you could ever do is “advanced” tricks on yoyoexpert” would get dull after a while but doing “the most intricate tech” leaves far more scope for exploration).

Flow… all day long.

In terms of performance, speed often kills a combo for the audience because everything is lost in the blur, and tech is a bit like jazz, excellent for the initiated who can appreciate the challenges and it scores well in competitions, but it’s totally wasted on a general audience.

For me, I don’t care to perform or compete really. Flow means artistry, expression and improvisation. There’s something fundamentally relaxing in my view of flow…

Is stylish an option?

Tech and “flow” just do NOT do I for me. Speed can be fun, but it gets old after a while.

The best and a variety of tricks that are visually appealing, not just focusing on one aspect of the above mentioned styles.

A varied performance with many styles that goes well to the music is (in my opinion) the best.

Think Paul Kerbel or Gentry.
They have varied styles. Players like Janos and Shion who do mainly just one style get a bit boring after about a minute in my opinion.

^this. balance in all things!

:o Heresy!! (joking ofc)

While Janos is very “tech” heavy and a lot of his tricks are very dense and up close, if you look at his performances, he does have a lot of variety in trick styles in there. I think it’s more players like Gentry’s showmanship and stage presence that you are thinking of.

My defence of Janos aside, I agree that just one of these three styles or traits alone is boring to watch. I would find it extremely difficult to class any yoyoer into just one of these categories though because even someone like Janos still is very diverse in their tricks. The only player who I can think of who really fits into solely one of these descriptions would be Jakub Dekan in the speed style.