Speed and Flow

Ok guys just a topic starter…what do you like better? Someone with a lot of speed, or someone who is a little slower but has amazing flow to their tricks? I’m personally with flow. To me it just looks better.

Flow fo sho

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For pure enjoyment, flow. Speed if done clean, does get a wow out of me.

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anything that flows with the music chosen

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Flow all the way.

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Flow, for sure. It shows me more control

I like Mickey’s style, but honestly, all that speed stuff kinda wears me down fast.

I do like it to be mixed up a bit, but more flow than speed.

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Speed for me, but i do appreciate a player with good flow.

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Flow definitely if you dont have that first you don’t have speed

Flow is more fun to watch but in the hands of the right yoyoer, speed really impresses me. Speed comes with tons of practice and after flow, though.

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Easy, flow is way better, as probably most of you will agree. It’s relaxing, and you can actually see what they’re doing.

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Ah, let me be more precise: Jensen flow.


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Exactly. Way better than Hiroyuki’s speed.

Absolutely, I can’t ever really get into that. Jensen’s flow is like… art. It’s just like so beautiful and amazing haha. Hiroyuki’s is impressive but can get old because it get’s tiring after a bit as it all looks pretty much the same.

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flow for me.

See that’s how i feel too. Some videos are just amazing because the style and flow of the clip goes so well with the music.

Usually flow. I really like Guy Wright’s slow, smooth style. It just impresses me.

But then there’s the other side of me that enjoys speed. But I think to achieve great speed you have to master flow so your freestyles are not super choppy.

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I do appreciate speed. Its something I can never really do and I admire the ones who make it look good. Guy Wright’s my favorite, his flow is art.

HOW DID I FORGET GUY WRIGHT. Next to Jensen, his flow is absolutely… mmmmmmmm.

Flow = lack of speed.

This thread = Slow players; rationalizing their inability to play fast.

“Yeah, I can’t do half the tricks some guys can do in 3 minutes - but hey it FLOWS man…”

Yeah right. If these “flow” players could play fast; they would in order to win contests. They don’t; therefore, they can’t.