What's you yoyo style?

Whats your yoyo style?

What do you like about your style?

What have been your experiences with finding and developing your style?

Style: Pathetic amateur!

What do I like about my style? That it will eventually be replaced by something that doesn’t completely suck.

My experiences with finding and developing my style? Being able to land a trick!

I’m aiming low. I don’t have any expectations other than having a good time throwing.

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I like to think that Im still developing with my style. I love being slow and smooth but that doesnt mean im not willing to bust out a nice speedy combo.

I definently haven’t learned enough tricks to define my style. One day I’ll know though!

My style…still exploring.

Watching other players videos, I like a lot of the ‘flippy’ or ‘twirly’ tricks and dismounts (why I like Skin the Gerbil, Matrix and McBride Roller Coaster) as I tend to do flips into boingy boings, and flips before binding. I like variation of slower/fluid things, while throwing in some faster moves to keep things interesting.

Style: Moebius/1a. Technical ability, Artistic side versus generic “Jensen” material, Risk all or nothing.

What I like: Well, its an expression of me. I tend to be the ballsy type and or the fair sentimental type. I feel it shows in my style of play where there is always something different yet progressing. Always pushing forward. Some of my tricks are risky due to the fact I’m letting everything go.

Finding my style: A lot of it has been pure development and experimentation of what it is I like to explore and do. Another thing has been pure will, as I have been told off by people and with that, I just keep moving forward taking the hits. I could careless if others are following the trends. I do what I want. My way, all the way.

Style: slow whips, technical interwoven string tricks, hops and pops and grinds.

What I like about it: its visually stunning to see and watch. It like a magic show. Like throwing a under over wrist mound into spirit bomb into superman into suicide into finger grind thrown up to do a one handed jade whip that comes around like its in slow motion. Just sick!

My experiences finding my style: learning all of yoyoexpert and high speeds videos and watching Jensen kimmet and Andre on YouTube. Just awesome visually. First time I saw gyro flop and revolutions I knew that was my kind of tricks.


I don’t think I’ve defined my style yet.

Yet to define an actual style, though I tend to like faster styled tricks then any other types. It’s fun to experiment, though. Will eventually find something that I like.

Style-Rolls. Lots of rolls. Rolls are flashy, and I think that even though they’re simple And also lots of bro mount whips.