What is your style/what style are you pursuing?

I’m pursuing and starting to develop a super fast style with quick lacerations and some slacks/whips (a few grinds and no body based). Think Augie fash crossed with peter pong si yee. What about you guys?

and 1a with slacks/whips, and just random stuff
I’m not very good though lol.

Speed I don’t know how people play really slow, I lose interest in it quickly.

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1A inspires by Jensen, and Petr Kavka. And elements of some others haha.
3A inspired by… I guess, Ken Takabayashi.
4A Petr Kavka.
5A Petr Kavka.

I want to be a slacker and do a lot of body tricks. I also want to be able to do 2 handed yo-yoing.

1a flowy.

Leaning towards speed but I’m also in the process of putting flow and slack stuff into it. I used to hate slack tricks but I’m getting the hang of it.

I’m working on just being very fluent. Slow and technical. I feel like going to fast I lose interest because you can’t see the beauty. Jensen is a perfect example. In his WYYC (I think it’s 2011) he is very smooth and technical and is perfectly synced with the music. I feel that is what yoyoing is meant to look like.

I have no style and I’m pursuing being less lame than I am now.

I intend to have some level of competency in the 5 major styles.


I’m working on combining horizontal with my normal 1A.

Currently working on my own style. Alternating between smooth, flowing tricks and quick, sharp tricks. I really like hops, so I incorporate those a lot.

Whips, and grinds!

My own style.
I’m not pursuing a style, I’m letting it form.
Some slack, a lot of random complicatedish type picture tricks and triangles, random fast and slow sequences, flashy stuff
How I spin.

I’ve always focused on being slow and complex, but lately I’ve been throwing less and less, and my style has gotten a bit more minimal. I still come up with bonkers stuff, but when I get the chance to throw, I’m often doing something a bit more silly.