Styles of Play

Hi people, post what kinds of styles you like to play in your routines! Like chopsticks, slacks, whips etc.

I like simple but fast tricks that earn a lot of points via quantity, not quality. Tricks like what mickey does.

I also like jade whips and gyro flops!

What do you like?

I like doing technicsl tricks with a couple of slack tricks here and there, and jade whips are awesome.

im still ironing out my style but i like grinding, fast bouncy play and technical stuff, whips i havent really got down but im trying em

I’ve noticed lately with all of the tricks I make up, I like to incorporate tech and especially slack in there.

for me i like to do tricks and make up tricks related to soiled panties, some slack and very little whips, mostly rotations, and lots of string contact

Like Mickey with whips. But I am interested in slack tricks and very fast illusory (I think thats a word) If not, then tricks that create illusions when done fast. But I would like to beat Mickey in quality (hopefully in my lifetime)

I like split bottom mount tricks. With those I can make tricks that can get the yo-yo trapped in the string and then somehow get it out.

I like throwhand stalls (stalls not grinds. Stalls are when the spin in place on your hand without aid from the non-throwhand.)

I like throwhand grinds, air whips, and 1 1/2 mount tricks. I’m stuck in a rut, help me guys?

Learn the tricks on this site.

when making up a trick try to drop one string here and another there and just make it up from there. good luck

Samad, I’m on a quest of originality. I’m gonna make up my own Chris style, so not being rude but get off my back. Thank you.

Just trying to help. Just saying its gonna be hard to make up tricks like that when you cant do the fundamentals. I dont think you should worry about winning BAC and Cal states when you cant do the simple tricks right now. Also that was rude, despite the fact that you said “not to be rude.” Sorry - I had to voice my opinions :wink:

i mostly play with an equal balance of all, but sometimes, depending on the yoyo, i like 1 thing more that the others

Tech 5A woot.

Lots and lots of chopsticks.

Sorry Chris, but i gotta agree with Samad. Not to be rude, but he has a point. Tricks like ladder escape, and whut, kamikaze etc. have lots of good maneuvers and moves that you can use for making up your tricks.

Making up your own tricks is not easy when you do not know lots of already made tricks. Just trying to help :slight_smile:

Sorry for going off topic.

Im all about slacks! least I try to be.

My style is kinda like Hiroyuki+Erik(koloski)+my stuff= my style.


I’m a mix, I do whatever that comes in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really know if what I do is considered tech… but whatever. Tech and slack… Yum.

I’ve narrowed down to a very specific style:

Having the yo-yo being entangled into the string! Ladder Escape is just my style.

arm tricks
certain slack
kinda techish

currently I am working with Folding Gates and slack.
as shown in this video here.
Note: I did indeed make this for the Carabou Lodge YoYo Works contest but this is the only video with the tricks I am working on now.