What's your favorite style of play?

I don’t mean 1A, 2A, 3A, etc…
I mean whips, slacks, tech, etc…

Mine has to be lacerations, but I enjoy tech.


Hidemasa Hook.

Probably slack+tech, which is why I need more slack in my tricks.

Slacks FTW!

Slow and smooth always wins the race. ;D


Slack and body.

lacerations, whips, tech

whips and lacerations

I tend to mix my tricks with a combination of many of the pseudo mach 5 holds, and extras used in the old school style of yoyoing, with many slacks, usually the most complicated possible.

I usually like my tricks to involve something totally out of the ordinary, something that just seems to come out of nowhere.
I have been working on making my tricks end in something different and sudden, for that “shock factor” kind of.

To sum it up: Old school with new school slacks and surprises!


Slacks and Lacerations!

I hardly have any slacks or rolls, nothing flashy, just tech.

I mainly do tech tricks, but I like slack tricks too. Alot of the tricks I do have tech and a little bit of slack.

slack tricks

slow and tech

What do you mean by “tech”?
Tech Deck?


Tech is basically what is not flashy.

Flashy tricks are stuff like boingy’s, rolls etc. Mickey plays very flashy. JD does techy stuff.

Flashy 5A. Another words: Its very appealing to the non-yoyoer and gets me lots of numbers…

Yes that is the best kind of 5a…
I like 1a and 5a.

Slow and smooth flowing tricks.

A little whips and tech.