Fav. Kinds of yoyo tricks

My favorite kinds of tricks are slack, whips, and string tricks.

All of anything I can pull off smoothly and make people go … “whoa, how did you do that?”

I like technical tricks that involve speed, slacks, and whips. The tricks that look really smooth and flowing is also fun to do, and impresses a lot of people. I’m also getting into body-involved tricks, but it’s pretty difficult for me. And that’s just for 1A. I also enjoy 2A, 4A and 5A, but I’m not that good at those.

I reallly like body tricks but it’s hard to find some tutorials for them. I also like fast tricks but like to keep them smooth if they’re fast.

I tend to like “bigger” tricks, where the yoyo moves a lot and very quickly. Stuff like Matrix, skin the gerbil, that sort of thing. Mostly it’s smoothness that appeals to me. The really technical stuff with complicated mounts impresses me very much when I see other people do it, but it’s just not the type of trick I practice.

For me it’s the ones I can’t do. I like the challenge of learning new things. Yuuki slack was by far my favorite trick until I learned it recently. Now it’s probably seasick (getting close to that one though :)).

Tricks where the string makes triangles. Atomic bomb, Kwijibo, Spirit bomb and especially Hour glass. I think its because the yoyo looks like it is trapped yet moves very fluid like and then escapes at the end.

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I’m a big fan of tricks that “break”…meaning there is some false hold that looks like it is holding together and then mystically breaks apart. Examples are some of my tricks I’ve done this year where its in a hold and I do a suicide/slack hybrid and it breaks into a regular suicide and or hold/mount.

Such fun stuff.


Binds. Binds. Binds. ;D
It’s nice to end your combo with a bang, and hitting a tricky bind feels great.