What is your style like and what would you like it to be?

No one should have a style that they don’t like. Therefore, the “What would you like it to be?” question should not need to be answered.
A style is how the player plays. Therefore, he should play exactly how he wants to.

True, though I feel like you might have your own unique style and start getting inspired by other players, which can make you interested in tweaking your style. For example, I used to have a style without many slacks, but other sorts of technical tricks. When I started watching Janos’ and Ricardo’s videos though, I got interested in slack, whips, and rejections. I realized I was interested in these types of tricks and have since started incorporating those types of elements in my tricks, even though they aren’t similar at all to either Ricardo’s or Janos’ tricks.

Sucky 1A is where I am at…

Good 1A is where I want to be

:smiley: Unless in this case, I guess.

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