Favorite Trick Now


What is your most favorite trick you can do?

Mine at the moment would be Kwijibo. I really enjoy popping the yoyo into the air. Really fun trick.


I’ve been enjoying a horizontal version of a kamikazish trick.


You’re gonna love black hops.

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I have given black hops a try before, but became frustrated with it.


While I have trouble with that triple or nothing as I end up landing on several strings, I did find it fun and just good practice doing the second half of the trick which you can jump to immediately from a a trapeze. Came real close to getting back to the Triple or Nothing. Second half is the best part of the trick in my opinion.

While it will require a bit more precision with landing the strings, I may just practice this on my Dingo as it has a pretty narrow profile making that Triple or Nothing much easier to land…if only my fingers were long enough :slight_smile:


A trick that I can do my speed combo otherwise Gentry Stein’s speed combo