double kwijibo

Has any one here tried doing a kwijibo from a double or nothing. It really is the same thing just you start out in a double or nothing. Just ignore the extra string wrapped around your fingure. It’s pretty cool. Plus instead of popping from the triple or nothing you are in right before you pop to trapeze you can combo to black hops. It goes really well with kiwijibo.

Yeah, I’ve done that a few times. It just gets really hard because there’s not a lot of space to land the yo-yo sometimes. But I agree, it does look cool if you can combo it up with Black Hops.

yeah,i do it all the time.but once you get that down like me,do a kwijibo from a triple or nothing and end in a quadruple or nothing.its realy hard but realy fun ;D

Nonsense. By the time ya get to T.O.N your flicking it, not popping it.

Would that be like a “kwijibo-or-nothing?” ;D
AH-HA AHHhaha…sorry bad joke.

This is really cool, Ive been doing it all afternoon, but, trying to do it with black hops I have discovered that I truely suck at them, oh well practice, practice, practice