help with kwijibo double or nothing hop

i cant figure out the pop to go into double or nothing on kwijibo please help post vid or just tell me what to do to land in to a double or nothing thanks

did’t i talk to you about this in chat… i was pickle24… i thought you figured it out

Is this the hop from the recrossing hands to double or nothing?

I’m having trouble with that too…

Are you having trouble poping the yoyo from double or nothing back to a trapeze?
If so the movement that helped me nail kwijibo is pulling your Non Throw Hand away from your Throw hand, this action guides the yoyo back onto the string for a trapeze.

To practice only the second part, go into a 1.5 mount, and cross your hands.

Part 1

Part 2

That part is what’ll getcha. You need to be really quick and forceful about bringing your non throwhand point onto the string

And don’t pop it up too high.

Try to keep the string on the base of your non-throwhand to avoid landing on multiple strings.

Good luck

When I was learning I did really low pops. I made sure that I kept my hands very straight and really focused on the pointer hitting the string. I had to watch the yoyo fall to see how the trick works but once you get it a few times it’s a breeze.