has anyone tried this?

well one day i was doing kwijibo, then at random when i landed it
in double or nothing, i did kwijibo again except without dismounting
from double or nothing, so then i ended up in triple or nothing
have u ever tried or done that? if you havnt, you should try it
its kinda fun! ;D

the kwijibo is suppose to end in a double or nothing

ye ano but thats y i asked, has anyone ever tried
doing kwijibo from double or nothing and landing it in triple or nothing
coz its kinda fun to do, and i didnt think many people would have
tried it before :slight_smile:

I somehow made GT sometimes = = …unable to land to tple or nthg

I do it till quadruple or nothing. After that the string’s too short.

I thought it ended in a trapeze. Like the double or nothing was suppose to pop one more time to consider it a full kwijibo.