So, i’ve been spending the last two days perfecting my Kwijibo and finally landed it but there’s something’s wrong to it . I’ve got an extra wrap around my non throwhand pointer finger each time i pop it up and into a Trapeze and i don’t know what did i do wrong . Does anybody else having the same problem as i am ??


well in Kwijibo you don’t pop into trapeze. you start in trapeze, then pop to one and a half mount, then pop to double or nothing.


nonono , you get it all wrong , what i meant was AFTER i pop it FROM double or nothing THEN into a trapeze


JohnnyJ is right. After the second pop, you should land the yoyo on a double or nothing instead of a trapeze.

I’ve been working on the same trick, and while it is fun, I’m pretty rubbish at it. My experience with it is that sometimes my string will go more slack on that second pop than I’m intending, and the slack will either travel off of my non-throw hand finger or up onto my wrist. Could this be part of what’s happening in your second pop? Hopefully some of the more experienced people on the forum can either re-diagnose or elaborate.


I said AFTER i pop it FROM double or nothing. And yes that’s exactly what i mean


There is no pop after double or nothing… That’s the end of the trick… (Oops corrected, there’s a pop at the end, forgot about that.)

Are you saying when you land the double or nothing there is an extra wrap around your non-throwhand pointer finger?

(YoYoStringLab) #7

There is a second trapeze:

(from the Nationals site)

  1. Kwijibo:
    Throw a trapeze mount, then perform an upward pop into a wrist-crossed one-and-a-half mount hold (with Throwhand over Freehand), then roll Throwhand over and under Freehand into a wrist-crossed one-and-a-half mount hold (with Freehand over Throwhand), then pop to a double or nothing hold, then pop to a trapeze hold. Perform any dismount and return the yo-yo to your hand by the method of your choice.

I occasionally have the same problem, but I can’t remember at the moment what causes it. I believe it’s something about that last pop. I’ll have to see if I can mess up.


psst just start doing yuuki slack from it.


Kwijibo after i pop the yoyo into Double or nothing , i POP it again into a Trapeze or more say like a hop it into a trapeze , that’s when i got the extra string wrap . Do you guys even understand what i am trying to say here cause non of you guys seems to get it ???

Just like Matt said :“pop to a double or nothing hold, then pop to a trapeze hold”.


I totally get it. when you are in a double or nothing, you will have 2 wraps on your nonthrowhand pointer finger. wrap one is close to knuckle and wrap 2 is close to fingernail. Make sure you release both wrap 2 and the wrap around your throwhand pointer finger at.the same time. Because wrap 2 is not falling off is why your getting an extra wrap in trapeze.


So I looked around and I couldn’t find anything on this, however I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. I can preform it perfectly till I hop into a double or nothing. For some reason it always lands weird. Any suggestions?


what do you mean by, lands weird? like it doesn’t hit the right string?


Make sure none of the strings are dropped or fall off of your finger. That was my problem. And make sure you understand what is happening during the pop with your hands and the strings. That’ll make it easier.


I completely understand your question because I had the same problem. Obviously, there are lots of ways to get out of it - but you want to do the trick right! Here’s my try at an explanation:

(this is assuming you are right handed)

When you do a double of nothing, the string is wrapped around your left hand pointer finger twice. When you pop out from the double or nothing, you need to also drop the wrap closest to the tip of your left hand pointer finger. That should get rid of the extra wrap and allow you to land in a normal trapeze.

Hope it helps.



thanks you tom for your help but i managed to figure it out how and fixed it . It was all in the string tension .

Oh and i’m left handed