What is your favorite 1A trick?

Even though it’s not that difficult, my favorite trick would have to be Janos Karancz’s (i hope i spelled that correctly) Paprika. It looks really cool and is generally a show-stopper.

basically that and whips

Dude is like the king of rejections.

Really? Man, you got SKILL!

Rancid milk

aqueous - jake bullock…




Right now its Spirit bomb (because I just started landing it). Next week it will probably be something else.

that was so sick… I gotta learn that! Someday.

I’ve always wondered what the community thinks is the difference between a trick/element and combo. I mean I have a pretty good idea about which is which, but people tend to call combos tricks.

My favorite trick, by trick I mean 1-element-execution, would have to be any lasso-type stuff. Particularly stuff ending in pictures.

I like And Whut mostly but…
#1 has got to be Snap GT. :slight_smile: