What's a very cool looking trick that's easy to learn?


More advanced, thanks


I’m a big fan of kamikaze. You can also look on YouTube at rethinkyo they have a lot of great tricks

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I’d say this one

or this one


cool, ill try those out too.


Seriously one of my favorite tricks.  The wrist motion is a little strange at first, but once you get it down, it is slick and easy.  Very cool for a transition between a mounted bind and houdini mount (correct me if I’m wrong, my memory is fuzzy right of now.  a Double or Nothing with your thumb) as well.


Red Clover, White Buddha, Plan D, and easy chopsticks repeaters like Metronome (if you don’t already know those). But I’ve done all of those tricks a million times so they’re easy to me :slight_smile:


One that looks VERY cool and is super easy would be Nuclear Trick Test


Probably even easier picture trick that still looks awesome is this one:


Split the atom, and whut,brain twister, ladder escape, double or nothing, superman.


and whut is a fun one. really wrapped around green triangles with great elements in it.




Super easy to learn. :wink:


Ya, I should have put harder ones ;D

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Alright, Try “Sparkly Rollercoaster” its at the bottom of the page.  It shouldn’t be too hard to learn, but it looks cool.  The rest of the page is my hardest tricks, so see what you like.



oh nice mrYo :stuck_out_tongue: i kinda love all tricks who has roller and caster in name :slight_smile: it will be nice to learn it

btw i just found it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D39A-sCE0m4 look kinda fun, i didnt try it yet but it doesnt look to hard


I think I would suggest “The Matrix”. It’s not hard to learn, and you can repeat it for as long as your YoYo will spin. It looks really cool to.


Plastic whip


I think the Matrix was pretty easy to learn.


he said more advanced, the matrix is like intermediate…



Depends what you consider advanced…