What Next?

I have a Yomega Dash and know the following tricks,

Brain Twister
Barrel Roles
Atom Smasher
Split the Atom
Mach 5
Key Chain
Man on the Flying Trapeze

Based on the yo yo I have and the tricks I know what would be some other tricks that would be relatively easy to learn?


then Matrix

Once you know double or nothing you can expand out a lot from this mount. I would also suggest the 1.5 mount this opens up a lot also. Good luck


i know cold fusion and matrix up from D or nothing, what i should learn next?

Can’t pass up on Kwyjibo if you don’t know it already!

Agh GregP love this trick…stilling making it smooth but so much fun

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look at the “Intermediate” section under the “Learn” on this site (yoyoexpert-top left) and watch the moves that you haven’t learn already, then move onto the Advanced… Intermediate are all relatively easy to what you’ve learned.

but with the moves you have, you can start working out some beginners combos (it’ll be good practice for later), here’s one:

2 or 3 barrel rolls then to
few rolls of Mach 5
then you can do split the atom
then you can bind.
-once u get better u can add some brain twisters here or there.

even if you know the moves individually very well, putting them all together smoothly can still be a tough task, but if you start working on it early, it’ll be easier when you move onto more complicated moves.

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After some practicing I can do this combo pretty smooth. Are there any other front mount tricks that I could add to this?

A relatively hard one to nail at first, but which works well into this kind of combo is Pop’n’Fresh. Then of course there’s Boing-E-Boing (aka Boingy Boing) which some people “get” quickly and some people work on for months and months.

Greg is correct, and there is a lot more, here are some!

The Zipper
Plastic Whip

I doubt your yoyo will be able to sleep through the ones I mentioned first AND those all together (that’s like 7-8 moves), but those are some you can add to the combo I gave you first, be creative, some of these moves are meant to be at “the end” of the combo some in the middle some in the first, I tried to list them in order.

I highly recommend you start learning the Advanced Section 1. Good luck buddy!

pop n`fresh on side has another name ?