who can give me a simple combo of 1a tricks

thx~i would like a short one~

split bottom mount
barrel rolls (or atomic bomb, same thing)
couple of boing-e-boings
then split the atom
end with a zipper
and bind.

That’s one i find its fun and fairly easy to do.

can u take a video for me~?PLZ :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s explaining combo and the combo that he show’s is nice and simple.
another one:
Split Bottom Mount
Mach 5
Barrel Rolls(Atomic Bomb)(To go to some barrels rolls, some some mach 5 rolls. End with your NTH on the top. take your TH and hit the string from your NTH. You’ll be in the mount right before you go into split the atom rolls or the pop of the barrel rollls)
Boing E’s
Dismount into Braintwister Mount
Brain Twister
This is awesomeness in its finest!!!Cool and simple.



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it is the Cantonese means “thank you very much!”

that’s weird the video didn’t show up here? here it is again:

plan d - spirit bomb

double or nothing
6 fast brain twisters

Mixing front and side style play like that can be tough…

Alot of moving around the yoyo

Don’t know if he meant doing the front style from the side, but its definitely something to try, wouldn’t be all that hard to figure out. :slight_smile: