What are some cool tricks to show to your friends?

I’ve nearly completed intermediate level (left Ripcord and Mach 5) and I want to show them some cool looking tricks to get them ‘hooked’ over yoyoing. Tell me some cool looking tricks or home-made combos please. ::slight_smile:

Do you mean intermediate or advanced tricks?

Mach 5 is easier than atomic bomb, go learn it. Its really the coolest trick you can show your friends.

Also boingy boing. Its hard, takes practice, but you can do it. If you have troubles, look at this thread for help first. If that doesn’t help you, then make a new thread.

non yoyoers like to see things like Brain Twister and Split the Atom. Mach 5 and Barrel Rolls/Atomic bomb are also great crowd pleasers

Hardcore tricks like around the world or world tour can amaze anyone who doesn’t play yoyos.Mach 5 and double or nothing are also very good to show beginer yoyo players

Eli hops, Boingy Boing, Boomerang, Grinds… but at your level, I think that tricks like Mach 5 or maybe a brain twister combo can catch people’s eyes. Also, consider trying a new style. 5a and 4a are the easiest ones to learn in my opinion.

I would learn the matrix that second roll is definatly a crowd pleaser

my frends love leg wrap trap plan d and solar wind

eli hops is such an easy trick to learn but people seem to love it, same with suicides, harder to get them down though but they sure are fun and once you start landing it youll get better at it.

Grinds… If you pop that yoyo up on your wrist and let it fly down your arm most people will want to see it again…

Grinds, whips, and slacks are very impressive. Other tricks like Atomic Bomb, Boingy-Boing, Matrix, Buddah’s Revenge, Cold Fusion, Kwijibo, are very impressive too. Just don’t get too technical, non-yoyoers don’t really like that because it all looks the same to them. There is some great advice in this thread made by Xdohl. I high;y reccomend taking his advice. Here it is- http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,6854.0.html

Hope this helped!

look at the video for black hops. instead of starting with a triple or nothing start with a double or nothig then pop to trapeze and bro then to trapeze then back to trapeze and bro then back to double or nothin and drop the strings around your throwhand pointer and unroll

Also, another good set of tricks are lacerations. They please the eye. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, they are not that hard to learn.

Mack 5 is the impresive trick out there. :wink:

If you do a split bottom mount than do a worm hole you can do a continuious worm hole by, after doing the worm hole and you are in that mount take your throw hand finger an put it under your finger holding the string and with the finger holding the string go towards your self and than just do another wormhole

Eli l

kwijibo all the way. either that or revolutions. the girls at my school go nuts ove the hting. they just cant get theirminds around the inside outside thing.

Split the atom into a boingy boing…double or nothing…around the world…

Walk the Dog.

Yes. I said it.

I know you hate it.

They love it though.

that is true.
i like to show grinds, kwijibo, boing e boing, and mach 5.
i do not do walk the dog…if they want me to i will do an arm grind.

True dat homie… But honestly… Im not dinging up my metal for that trick… I will do it on carpet and then plastic whip that bad boy into a one handed bind…