When people ask you..

To show them what you can do with a yoyo, what do you do? Or when you’re in public just throwing on your own and people are watching, what tricks do you show them? I don’t know if it’s just because I suck, or I’m doing the wrong tricks or what, but around here, no one is interested in yoyoing. Well except for a few girls, and anything will interest them. I heard you can’t do any tricks that are too complicated because it bores people, and I’ve found it true. Like my sister likes the Zipper better than Ladder Escape, when I have more respect for someone who can do Ladder Escape rather than the Zipper. So what do you show people to get them interested in it?

A lot of people like tricks that they may know. Like rock the baby or walk the dog (arm grind). Also showy tricks like eli hops or mach 5 people really like. You don’t want to get too technical though because then it all looks the same.

Yeah, slack is fun to show people too.

Eli hops is a must.

Gyro flop is great!

Mach 5 looks illusion-ish

You don’t know how many times I’ve gotten that… Haha.

But what do YOU all show people? Those few tricks?

The montgomery twist, Revolutions, and Gyroflops. the three greatest Tricks to show to non yoyoers.

I think people tend to like to watch the easier tricks because they can see what’s happening. Repeater tricks are the same. When it gets too complicated they can’t follow and loose interest. The more accessible the trick looks the better received it is. Once you get them watching you can pull out the harder tricks and they’ll be more receptive.


Makes complete sense.

I’ll have to look up how to do Revolutions and Montgomery Twist.

dizzy baby impresses people the most

I tend to do some of the more ‘flashy’ simple tricks…Boingy boing, arm grinds, and the one people really get into: Gyroscopic Flop. Gyro Flop tends to leave them with a puzzled look on their face as they just saw something very unreal happen. Mach 5 is another cool illusion trick.

When it comes to arm grinds, I tend to try giving it the illusion of contact juggling…or contact yoyoing where I move my arm and the yoyo appears to be sitting in 1 place.

When it comes to the younger set, I tend to do more of the classic tricks and picture tricks. They really like the star, rock the baby (and dizzy baby), Eiffel Tower, and the most popular trick based off your furry canine friend.

And if I’m using a looper, I can’t go without having a ‘dog bite.’ That tends to get the kids laughing!

Flashy tricks with a lot of movement. And slacks will get some big attention.

classic tricks, flashy tricks, slack tricks, body tricks, and maybe a tech trick or two.

Gyro flop to get them confused. Eli hops to get them to go woah, boingy boingy to make them laugh, mach 5 for another woah, and a fast speed combo of some kind with some slack for them to understand that yoyoing has come a longgg way from what they remember.


I usually just show the simple things, or take requests. Things I might be showing could include: Eli Hops, Rock The Baby/Dizzy Baby, Mach 5, The Matrix, Eifel Tower, Split The Atom, etc.