Tricks that impress but shouldn't?


I was yoyoing and my dad started watching. I did a string tension adjustment where you get in a brain twister mount and pull a string out so that it spins (sorry for that terrible explanation). Anyway, that got more of a reaction than any other trick :o has something like this happened to you?


Yep. My girlfriend thought the same thing was cool when done from trapeze, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even notice a magic drop.


Yep, that’s my sister’s favorite trick…


Exactly the same as you.
Ladder escape: yay
Tension Adjustment: OMG WHAT IS THAT?!


I get the same reaction. You have to admit it does look kinda cool.


Same here😂 people also freak out when I do Eli hops.


Magic drop is a difficult trick, but very very few non-yoyoers will catch that string rejection. It’s a shame…

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Who am I to say what trick should impress someone? If it’s new and unique, why shouldn’t they be impressed? I think it’s fantastic when people share excitement for something new even if it’s common to me or someone else.

Maybe we should try more to be ourselves, rather than impressing others, as evidenced by your experience impressing your father when you weren’t trying to be impressive. That is actually impressive! Confused? Me too! :smiley:


Any trick I mess up, they don’t even know!


Thumb snap start on a fixed axle wood throw… I pulled off kwijibo and the matrix on the same fixed axle, got a lukewarm response… Messed up, snap start… WOW! DO THAT AGAIN!


Generally, the big flashier tricks will impress non-throwers more than super precise tech play. The tricks don’t even have to be that difficult. Eli hops and gyro flops always get a great reaction from non-throwers.



Yeah… this happens to me. But that happens when you try to show a bunch of 13 year old yoyoing . they only care for tricks like eli hops or walk the dog.


Walk the dog also know as a difficult or awesome trick for people who don’t yo-yo.

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Gyro flop


I am a so-so yo-yoer but I have been an armature and professional musician for over 50 years and I am here to tell you that your audience, whether it be of one or of thousands, will never know you screwed up unless you tell them. You make it look good and anything will be applauded!


Brain twister is my mom’s favorite. Whenever I go over to eat on Sundays I usually bring a yoyo, and that’s the one she goes nuts for.




Aren’t tricks made to impress people?

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Simple trick : Eli Hops

Looks harder and more impressive than it is : peacocking (charles haycock)

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My yoyoing.